What To Expect When You Go Memphis Mississippi River Boating

What To Expect When You Go Memphis Mississippi River Boating

How important is the Mississippi River to the city of Memphis, Tennessee? So important that Mud Island River Park pays tribute to the river with a park, museum, amphitheater and visitor center on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi. As Memphis visitors drive along The Great River Road, the only thing that might impress them more than the huge river is the sight of riverboats casting their silhouette as they coast along the river. While there are many people who make the choice to view the Mississippi River from the deck of a traditional riverboat, there are also other alternatives for enjoying Memphis Mississippi River boating.

What To Expect When You Go Memphis Mississippi River Boating

Brad and Heidi of Specific Gravity 1 offer boat rentals that allow you to enjoy a variety of activities on the Mississippi River. For some people, Memphis Mississippi River boating means enjoying the excitement of water sports that are appealing to almost any age group. Some examples of activities you can enjoy on the river are:

  • Wakeboarding
  • Fishing
  • Leisure Boating
  • Sightseeing

The Mississippi River has proven to be a prime location for Catfish fishing. Many visitors who come to the area participate in tournaments to try their hand at catching catfish that weigh-in at more than 100 pounds. Even if you aren’t looking for the ultimate tournament experience, boat rental is the first step towards a fishing experience you will never forget.


One of the most popular water sports today is wakeboarding. The boarder uses a board that is a little shorter and wider than a surfboard which is made to anchor their feet in place. They are pulled along behind a motor boat in much the same way a skier is. The big difference is that the board allows the boarder to do all kinds of moves and perform acrobatics. The freestyle spirit of wakeboarding has caused the sport to soar ahead of others like trick skiing.

The two essential components of the sport are the wakeboard and the motor boat. The Mississippi River has become a popular destination for wakeboarders who want to get started in the sport as well as those who have become quite polished. Today, many of the people who come to Memphis for Mississippi River boating do so to enjoy the fun sport. Even kids are getting in on the fun and entering competitions to compete against others their age.

Enjoying the View

There is no better way to enjoy the view or see the sights than from a boat on the Mississippi River. If high spirited water activities aren’t your cup of tea, taking a leisurely trip down the Mississippi in a local boat rental could be the ideal way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Memphis Mississippi River boating offers something for almost anyone. It’s a great addition to any vacation or a way for locals to spend their weekend. No matter how many trips you take down the Mississippi, it will always be an experience you will enjoy.


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