Top Tourist Attractions In Oslo

Top Tourist Attractions In Oslo

Oslo is among the world’s most large capitals. Although most of its areas is not developed and it consists of hundreds of lakes, forests, hills and parks. Accessing all this sites that are very attracting to tourists is very easy and ideal from almost every comer of the city thanks to the many pathways and trails connecting to every public space in the city.

You maybe are wondering how possible it is for you to be able to tour around the city especially if you have a limited time. There are solutions for you in Oslo. Being the capital city of Norway, having consideration that it will receive guests from across the globe, and therefore the need to commute can be an issue.


Just at the arrival to Oslo, you will be privileged to know about the rentals areas and locate them as well. The cars are just park within the airport parking lot so that it will make your stay comfortable. Once you identify with a car rental Oslo airport company you are good to go.

Here are a must see places in Oslo:

National Museum

Are you looking for a way to get to learn more about the cultures of the Norway people? To learn their history, architecture and traditions. This museum maybe of interest to you. There is a collection of unique staff that will take you through the records. From the comic influence of Japan to the Nordic to the famous version pictures of scream.

Top Tourist Attractions In Oslo

Opera House

From the building construction and the kind of material used to make the house, the interior setting and design it’s a clear speculation of what to expect in the opera house. Think of the white granite and white carrara marble and the high windows. The architecture here illustrates that the house rises from the waters of Oslofjord. The white pedestrian plaza wraps it all. This is one of the largest house in the soil of Norway. And with a car rental in Oslo airport commuting from this place to several others is very simplified so as to ensure you do not miss any moment to have fun during your stay.

Top Tourist Attractions In Oslo

Vigeland Park

Your love for art is cared for during your visit to Oslo you can never go wrong by visiting this park and experience the artisan work of an artist who has all the setting just by himself. Here you will get to see world’s largest sculptures. This park is divided in a way that it makes it ideal for visits even as a family day out. The sculpture are placed in five themes groups.

The Royal Palace

The Norwegian royal palace dominates the city scape of Oslo. Get to see the building at a closer view, learn its history from the construction year and wander around the open grounds enjoy the regular guard change.

Top Tourist Attractions In Oslo

Botanical Garden

This garden it found at the natural history museum which consists of Geological museum, Botanical gardens and the Zoological museum. Therefore making it the largest natural history collection in Norway. The Botanical gardens was founded in 1814. It features 7500 different species of plant from Norway and across the globe. Some of the plants are located in rock gardens with waterfalls.

The Geological museum includes impressive collection of dinosaur skeletons plus minerals, meteorites and precious metals. While the Zoological museum has the dioramas of Norway.

Top Tourist Attractions In Oslo

Ultima Contemporary Music Festival

If you are visiting somewhere in the cause of October. Then you will get the chance to enjoy these annual festivals that take place in the mid-October. The festivals have it all. Several music institutions collaborate to make the event as colorful as possible so as to ensure that you get the fun you are looking for.

You can also visit the chamber music which basically takes place in the entire month of august. These festivals attracts musician from all over the world thus giving you a better chance to meet with your favorite musician at some point.

Where to stay

If you are visiting Oslo for the fast time. Well you don’t have to be worried; most of the places in Oslo are walking distances from wherever you maybe located at. And also with the help of car rentals in Oslo its still easy to commute and have the fun from any luxury hotels.