Top Destination Weddings That Are Worth Considering

One of the most important times in the life of an individual is the time that they eventually decide to tie the knot with the love of their life. There are also many people who would list traveling as one of their hobbies. It thus fits well when such people travel for their wedding and this is where destination weddings become a brilliant idea. There are a number of destinations around the world which would make ideal spots for such a wedding.


One of the best spots to tie the knot definitely has to be Italy. There are various aspects of the Italian culture that are bound to make it a wonderful experience. These include the different historical sites, pleasant food and romantic language. There are so many spots to pick from when it comes to romantic weddings and all of them are available for an affordable price. It can also be quite exciting. Try getting married in a gondola. And the Vatican is not far away, either.

Top Destination Weddings That Are Worth Considering


With its wonderful weather, Hawaii is definitely among the favorite destinations for people who are looking to have a memorable wedding. Considering that it is an island, this offers wonderful scenery for beach weddings. With proper planning, one can even have the wedding coinciding with the sunset which can create breathtaking photos. It also offers good options when it comes to having an ideal site to spend a honeymoon. And you needn’t bother with the wedding dress. Just put on your bikini, a Hawaiian skirt and a flower reef


Australia offers a variety of options to nuptials as far as the wedding arrangements are involved. You have the option of doing a beach wedding in good weather on the various sandy shores available. You can also do a wedding under natural settings considering the rich vegetation in Australia where there are several beautiful jungles. There are also beautiful wedding sites. The diversity offered is bound to allow one to come up with the best memories of their wedding day.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas comes to mind when people are looking to elope and seal the deal without having to go through the several preparations that are associated with weddings. This city is famous for the simple solutions that it offers for completing the marriage proceedings. All a couple needs to have is some money, some form of identification and enough love to tie the knot. And a lot of Elvises too.


One of the most beautiful spots on earth that one can tie the knot is Mauritius. If there was ever a place on earth that defines paradise then it would have to be Mauritius. It is located next to the beautiful Indian Ocean which offers one the option of getting to exchange their vows next to the ocean waters. It also provides memorable sites for couples to spend their honeymoon.

Top Destination Weddings That Are Worth Considering

Jamaica offers one of the most ideal sites for destination weddings. It has beautiful white beaches as well as calm ocean waters. The other attractive thing about this site is the beautiful blue sky and the ideal weather. One gets the opportunity of doing a beach wedding and have a honeymoon in the luxurious resorts. You can also enjoy good reggae music as they spend a night in the moonlight.
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When looking to have a memorable experience when tying the knot, destination weddings are worth considering.