The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel

Traveling solo is a unique, amazing experience that not everyone can understand: it might seem dangerous, boring, and helpless. However, in fact, traveling alone may become a source for a bunch of new acquaintances and experiencing everything more fully. Have you ever had this feeling when traveling with someone that you would prefer to stay alone? Have you? Then, this ultimate guide to solo female travel is just for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel

Research and Book in Advance

Wherever you go, make a deep research on the place to be mentally prepared for what you are going to see there: weather, local customs, food, and language. This will help you to adapt quicker if the traditions seem bizarre. Furthermore, it will be of a big help for you to learn a couple of phrases in the local language: no one knows in which situation you might find yourself in, and the knowledge of language might come in hand. As for booking, it is, of course, best to order a room and the transport as beforehand as possible because that makes the price – if you want it to be lower, then make your booking at least a couple of months before the trip.

Face Your Fears

Traveling is all about breaking out from your comfort zone: no matter how hard you get prepared before the trip, there are loads of unexpected things to come. Just do not be afraid of those because yes, traveling is very far from living your everyday life, however, you can grow beyond your self-set boundaries! Do not let the fears of being alone or in danger stop you from the most amazing activity! Be open to the world and overcome the fears that you have.

Pack Only the Things You Will Need

Avoiding over packing is one of the most important things in the trips. Checking after the trip which clothes you wore and which you never even touched would be good for analysis and the future journeys. Count the days that you are going to spend abroad and take the corresponding quantity of clothes, do not take the makeup that you are unsure you are going to use, and, finally, think twice before taking a heavy professional camera with you – the mobile phone’s camera might be good enough for you.

Drink Water and Wear Comfortable Clothes

There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable throughout your journey that is why take the clothes that make you forget you are wearing them at all. You make take shoes with high heels only if you are confident you will go to the club, otherwise, forget it. Traveling is about exploring and going miles on foot – no one needs heels for that. Drinking water is essential to stay healthy and to stay healthy during the trip is the core of traveling. If you are traveling in the summer, drinking a lot of water will not be a problem anyway, however, in winter, you will have to force yourself to.

Stay in Touch via Social Media

Do not forget that there are numerous people out there worrying about you that is why make sure you let them know you are alive and safe. You do not have to call or text them all days long but posting a picture occasionally on your social media channel will testify of the fact that you are fine and enjoying yourself. To you, it might seem unimportant, but to your close people, it is essential to wake up and go to bed knowing that you are in safety.

Be Cautious with Your Possessions

What you do not want to happen is that someone steals one of your possessions, especially if it is money or mobile phone. When you are a tourist, it is more often than not visible that you are a tourist – do not allow the thieves take advantage of this. Try not to flash your possessions around and only take them out when necessary – you will thus save yourself from the excessive attention. It is also important to keep your things within an easy reach – you will be able to check their presence from time to time.

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Joseph Sartori is a freelance writer.