The Exciting Way Of Being A Part Of VIVO IPL 2016

Cricket is just not a game. In most of the cricket playing countries of the world this game has reached the heights of becoming a religion and people are crazy about this game. Similar to the actual matches this game is a hit in the online world too, and every year several games of cricket are launched. These games are not only launched, but downloaded as well as played with the same fervor.

When it comes to the games that have been launched in the year 2016 then there is no match to VIVO IPL 2016 cricket game. In the real world VIVO IPL 2016 has been the most watched cricket tournament in the whole world.

  • The game that has been released is also one of those very interesting games as it has many teams to choose from and you have all the controls mentioned in the game itself.
  • This game has caught the imagination of the players and is sure to get you the best experience ever in any game before this.
  • This cricket game is played online, and is a free cricket game.
  • The advantage of being able to play online means that it does not need downloading and there are no problems that are generally associated with the compatibility of your device with the version of the game.

The Exciting Way Of Being A Part Of VIVO IPL 2016

The beauty of the online game is that it is convenient and does not need your device to be compatible with the version of the game. Also the online games just need a high speed internet connection and a device that can be used to play the game. These simple requirements make it easier for the player to play the game anytime and anywhere.

VIVO IPL 2016 game has all the features of a high quality game.

  • Almost all the stadiums of India have been used in this game.
  • The players in the game have a real kind of faces.
  • The outfield is very realistic too.
  • The game play is a lot similar to the real play. This means that you cannot hit sixes on each and every ball. There is a variation in the ball and you have to bat accordingly.
  • You can play whichever team you choose.
  • You get to select your own team and choose the batting order.

The people who do not like to sweat it in the sun will be much leased to play this game as there is a similar level of excitement as it would be when you actually play the game or when you watch the match in the field. IPL is just not match, it is huge party where each and every person goes to enjoy and here in this game too, you will enjoy immensely and to the core of your heart.

This game has variations in bowling, batting as well as fielding. The most exciting part is that you get to decide all the moves of the team you have chosen. This means that in a way you become the captain of the team.