Style and Relax: 5 Of The Most Expensive Resorts In The World

Style and Relax: 5 Of The Most Expensive Resorts In The World

Staying at a resort tends to offer guests more than the average hotel. Whether it is a luxury spa, a waterpark, private beach or exquisite fine dining, staying at a resort promises to be an unforgettable experience—but of course the luxuries don’t come cheap.

We discovered 5 of the world’s most expensive resorts.

1. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas is a popular holiday destination, but not everyone can enjoy the luxury of staying at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort. This 141-acre seafront resort is supposed to resemble the fantastical Lost City of Atlantis and promises a luxurious and fun stay, although it will cost you. Particularly, the Royal Towers Bridge suite, which is situated on the 23rd floor, is a vacationer’s dream. This suite boasts extra-high ceilings, large windows with magnificent views and to top it all off, the suite’s chandeliers are made from gold. Other accommodation at the resort is just as luxurious including the Coral and Beach Towers and the Trump Plaza. Guests at this resort can enjoy hours of fun at the extra-large and extravagant waterpark, as well as enjoy many of the recreational activities available at the resort.

2. Secrets Marquis, Los Cabos Mexico

Allegedly, this award-winning resort’s design was inspired by a legend of two angels looking for heaven on earth. The Secrets Marquis resort, guests would argue, is quite heavenly with its lavish decor and array of soothing activities—a visit would be an unforgettable experience! Throughout the resort, there are several spectacular sculptures, infinity pools and waterfalls and guests can splurge at one of the many spas. Since the hotel is located between the tranquility of a desert and the Sea of Cortes in Mexico, the resort bids extreme peace and serenity. Furthermore, a stay at the Secrets Marquis resort will include luxurious ocean-view suites, gourmet dining and a world-renowned spa.

3. The Boulders, Arizona

The position of this USA resort plays a big part in the resort’s allure. Situated in Arizona, The Boulders got its name from its remarkable surroundings, since it is nestled in the rocky landscape of the Sonoran Desert. Furthermore, this 1300-acre resort is isolated from the bustle of the city and provides peace and tranquility for guests. Those privileged enough to stay at The Boulders can enjoy many activities, spend time at the highly rated spa or even play a round of golf at their prestigious course. Other activities include tennis, hiking, rock climbing and horse-riding. There are also seven restaurants where guests can enjoy a relaxing fine dining experience. Not surprisingly, a stay at this resort is often reserved for the very rich and famous.

4. Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

When this luxurious resort opened in 2009, the guest-list was filled with celebrities including Mariah Carey, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone and many others. This Turkish hotel is one of the world’s most luxurious resorts and is opulently designed and decorated. Allegedly, the décor includes gold leaf, Italian marble and crystal and there are several bars, restaurants and cafes where guests can relax and enjoy a drink or an exquisite meal. The hotel also claims to have the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean and even has its own mini-aquarium. Guests are treated to a private beach, which had its silky white sand imported from Egypt and the resort’s lavishness is topped off with a complimentary personal butler for all suites.

5. Calivigny, Grenada

This resort allegedly costs around £40,000 a night and is considered the world’s most luxurious and expensive resort. The Calivingy resort, situated on a private island just off the coast of Grenada, optimizes extravagance.  This resort is, however, extremely exclusive since it only has 10 suites available and accommodates a maximum of 20 guests. The resort is also naturally very well staffed and guests don’t ever have to lift a finger. Although the resort is small, it has a beauty salon, several personal trainers, chefs and even an island submarine. Each suite is unique and extraordinarily lavish in design with marble floors, Persian carpets and modern furniture. The beautiful scenery, completely secluded beaches and the opulence at this resort are unmatched!

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