Running A Professional Kitchen Is A Lot Less Complex If You Use A Professional Linen Hire Company

If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, hotel, or restaurant, there is always a lot of work to do. Hiring and supervising personnel, making sure the kitchen is clean at all times, and keeping track of purchases and bills is enough to give anyone a headache. But the one thing you can stress less over these days is deciding where to get your linen articles. Linen items such as napkins, chef’s hats, and tablecloths must be clean, well-ironed, and attractive at all times. Nowadays there are companies that lease these items so that they look great all the time. Furthermore, most of these companies will regularly pick up your linens, clean and iron them, and return them to you at no extra charge. They will even automatically replace the linen items that have developed tears or permanent stains. This replacement service is crucial if you want to maintain a professional appearance.

What Can They Do to Help You?

You shouldn’t have to think about your linen items, whether it is how they look or how many of them you have on hand at any given time. If you choose a company to provide linens for you, you won’t have to! Linen hire companies offer a wide selection of products at reasonable prices. These products include aprons, bed linens, robes, towels, and even a variety of chef’s wear such as jackets and trousers. Whether you own a small café somewhere or operate a large commercial or hotel kitchen that is always busy, getting your linens from these companies is quick, simple to do, and very reasonably priced. They work with all types and sizes of businesses, so regardless of how large your facility or customer base is, they can accommodate your needs without charging too much money. Affordability is particularly important when your business is just starting out, because let’s face it; there is not a lot of extra money floating around in the very beginning. Regardless of your budget, however, these linen companies can work with you and give you a custom-made plan that will ensure your linens will always be stocked, attractive, and functional.

Linen Companies Offer Dozens of Products

One of the biggest advantages of using a professional linen company is that they offer such a wide variety of leasable items. This includes all types of linen products in various colours including red, dark or light blue, yellow, white, beige, green, black, and burgundy. Available assortment is important because each facility has its own corporate branding, which often includes a specific colour theme. Linens should be matched to the branding, whether your official logo or colour preference is included in your décor or not. Colours make any kitchen or dining area look amazing, so incorporating at least one colour into these rooms is conducive to happy customers and productive employees.

Just the Facts

Just how does a linen hire work? It’s simple. You work directly with a personalised representative that will remain with you as long as you are a customer. Your representative will help you choose the items that you need. When your linen gets dirty, the company comes and picks them up to launder them. If necessary, the company will also iron them. The linen laundering usually includes a variety of local laundry services that have an arrangement with the linen company. The relationship between the two companies helps to ensure your linen items will be laundered properly every time. If you need to increase or decrease the number of items you require, you can call the company and have it handled. If your items are ripped or beyond repair, you call them for that as well. In fact, regardless of your concerns or needs, calling the company and speaking to your representative will take care of the problem. Best of all, most of these companies have no minimum order and no contract requirements, which means you are not locked into a long-term arrangement with them, and you can order as many or as few items as you need. It is the best of both worlds and enables you to lease your linen items on your own terms, which is always a good thing.

How to Get Started

As with many other products and services, companies that provide linen items to area kitchens can usually be found on the Internet. Their websites include detailed descriptions and full-colour photographs of everything they offer, the opportunity to obtain a free quote, delivery and exchange information, a downloadable brochure, a blog with valuable information for the readers, and representation on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With all this information, it is easy to get the details you need to make a decision. If you want to, you can even sign up for a free newsletter that allows you to take advantage of future sales and discounts. Linen hire companies are easy to work with and are often inexpensive. The best part about utilising their services is that your satisfaction is always guaranteed, so on the rare occasion when something goes wrong, they will remedy the situation immediately.

Also, there is one additional aspect about these linen companies that has a lot of people cheering, and that is their devotion to improving the environment. These days, more and more companies are lowering their washing temperatures, reducing the use of their utilities, and using washing detergents that are biodegradable. All of this combined means a smaller carbon footprint and great respect for the environment, and also an added benefit to those customers who are environmentally conscious.

Regardless of the type of commercial entity you have, the kitchen area is important, and so are the linens used in the dining area and the kitchen itself. Rather than taking care of your facility’s linen supply yourself—which you likely do not have time to do—trusting this task to a professional linen company makes sense. It gives you one less thing to worry about and also ensures that from beginning to end, the task will be done in a professional manner.