Psychological Facts That Will Make A Woman Fall For You

Every man wants to impress the woman he loves but we all know that it can be the toughest things to do if he is not George Clooney or may be Brad Pitt who can simply sweep the woman off their feet. Don’t go by the usual rules of impressing her, besides dressing up well, there are some rules which one should follow for impressing a woman. We have listed down some psychological facts that makes a woman fall for you.

When you are meeting your lady love for the first time don’t go with the usual cliché of going out for a romantic dinner. How about experiencing something fun and more adventurous? It is important to make memories which she can later cherish and enjoy being in the relationship with. Go for a heart-racing activity which will make your sweetheart smile and will make you relive that experience over and over again thereby confirming your second date.

Remember her special moments, it could be her birthday, anniversary or any other occasion which she thinks is special to her. I remember once I had sent cakes to Canada from India to my girlfriend to make her feel that distance can never be an obstacle in reaching out to her.

In a social setting, don’t jump to her and start talking. If you are in a celebration, it is important that you keep your pace slow and meet other people in between just to make her feel that your attraction for her is still not that overpowering. But make sure that you reach her finally or else she will feel that you are not interested at all.

Resort to nonchalant ways of impressing her. If you have a particular skill from playing music to singing songs or may be playing a particular sport, this all should come out naturally to her rather than you bragging about it in the open. If you are good at singing you might just hit a karaoke night club where you can ask her to sing along with you and the two of you can really have a good time with your sweetheart.

Challenging a woman can be the best way to keep her at the edge. Don’t agree with her on small little thing because there are chances that she will feel that you are trying to impress her but at the same time it is expected out of you not to disagree with her on every note because she might not take it in the right spirit.

These are just some of the psychological ways that you can keep in mind to make a woman fall for you.