Muay Thai Training Camp and Gym In Thailand For Your Holiday Vacation

Muay Thai Training Camp and Gym In Thailand For Your Holiday Vacation

Thailand is a place that is always worth traveling. Cost of living is probably one of the lowest which is ideal for individuals traveling on a budget, and the climate is incredible. The Thais are one of the friendliest people that you will meet in this lifetime. In addition, the local cuisine is just amazing. For people who want to stay fit during their holiday vacation, they can sign up for a local training camp and learn Muay Thai. The overall cost is a lot lower compared to the gyms in Europe.

Top Places to Travel in Thailand when You Want to Learn Muay Thai

When going on a quick holiday vacation in Thailand, you might want to consider starting your Muay Thai adventure. It is absolutely the ideal place for you to train. You may also visit some of the stunning scenery and tourist destination while training.


Bangkok is definitely one of the top places to learn Muay Thai. There are at least 8 million people living today in Bangkok. The place may be congested, but it is the perfect opportunity to meet different types of fighters. The cost of living in Bangkok is also extremely cheap. This means that those who plan to take a vacation in Thailand can guarantee that they will not lost an arm and a leg. With regards to the cost of training, the 2-hour session at the camp will normally cost 300 baht. For the one-on-one session, the cost can increase up to 600 baht which is still affordable.

Chiang Mai

For those who are looking for a relaxing vacation, away from the noise of Bangkok, the mountainous region in Thailand is your best destination. Chiang Mai that is nestled in the northern section of the country is renowned for its outdoor adventure. After training Muay Thai, you can spend the rest of the day biking, hiking and camping in the region. Some camp will offer a complete package deal that cost 4000 baht which include the accommodation.


Pattaya has a contrasting reputation; some people will tell you that it is an incredible destination and other find it a less desirable location. Perhaps the negative connotation about this place is due to the presence of prostitution. While we may agree that the sex trade in this region is rampant, we still can’t deny the beautiful beaches and the active night life in this area. Aside from that, it also contains some of the best training camps in Thailand. The cost of Muay Thai session may range from 250-350 baht which is cheaper compared to Bangkok.

Hua Hin

For those who have been to Thailand for numerous times and they are looking for something distinctive while training Muay Thai, we highly recommend Hua Hin. It is only a two-hour ride from the city of Bangkok. This place is popular among the locals since it offers a unique experience.

Depending on your personal preference, there is a perfect holiday destination waiting for you in Thailand. A website of Muay Thai is and it is in Phuket island. Take this opportunity to admire the beauty of the country while learning Muay Thai.