LinkedIn’s New Interface

Ready or not, the latest LinkedIn interface is now. The platform overhaul, which notified users in January, rolled out in February and March. The love-it-or-hate-it layout has thrown everyone out of orbit. Luckily, learning the new features will soothe the chaotic mind.

Mobile and Laptop Response

A seamless design across laptops, cell phones, and tablets are in high demand, and LinkedIn answers the call with this layout. The design ensures smooth, endless scrolling, and fewer page refreshing akin to some of our favorite mobile games out there.

Navigation Bar

At the top of LinkedIn is a different navigation bar. Instead of scattered menu selections across a black bar on the left side and the right side contains settings, profile access, and compatible connections, the navigation bar merges the menus. It is now seven menu selections. Number eight is the search bar, which used to be front and center at the top. The eight are: Search Bar, Home, Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me, My Network, and More. The search bar dominates the left side and the seven menu selections dominate the right. All are behind a dark blue-green bar.

Notifications Page

As stated before, notifications are on a separate page. The old version uses a flag as a notification button and clicking it provides a popup window. The notifications’ right side highlights your network’s anniversary or new workplace. It also shows connections you might add to your network based on your profile and current network connections. Neither one is on the dashboard now. A red dot still notifies users of notifications above the notifications tab.

Selective News

Never force yourself to read uncomfortable and unwanted news again. The homepage feed will fine-tune itself to the information you like from companies and connections. This comes from user clicks, algorithms, and human editors combined.

Universal Search Box

The search box usually separates jobs from people and schools. Now the search box unites all searches. It will sort itself out as you type. Filter options still exist only on search results pages. The search engine also accepts advanced searches. Instead of clicking ‘advanced search,’ simply click the magnifying glass for advanced searches.

Edit Posts

After a post, any mistakes made will have to stick. You can also delete the post and re-post. This became frustrating to users as mistakes occur. This new feature allows editing of LinkedIn posts. The three dots at the top right of any posts reveal the editing option. The better news is the editing is possible regardless of how long a post existed live.

Losing the 3rd Degree:

Third-degree connections are now nonexistent in terms of a mutual friend. First and second-degree connections won’t have the slightest clue how to connect to third-degree users.

This layout is the largest overhaul since LinkedIn became a social media platform. While it reminds viewers of Facebook’s current layout, the LinkedIn layout brings a separate flavor. The agenda is expecting professionals to get the news of the day while interacting with connections, applying for jobs, and edit their profile seamlessly across all devices.