Let’s Hit The Beach Moroccan Style

Looking for a beach holiday with a difference? Do you hanker for something more exotic than a traditional bucket and spade trip? Then try out a seaside holiday Moroccan style.

Situated in the northern tip of Africa, this exciting destination has something for everyone. With a rich historical past, a collection of vibrant cities, delicious cuisine and landscapes varying from sandy beaches, magnificent mountain ranges and desert dunes, you could spend a long time getting to grips with this place.

Beach lovers will have some tough decisions to make. With the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean washing up on the northern coast, and the wilder North Atlantic to the west, you can take your pick from a variety of beach-focused destinations.

Read on for the inside info on Moroccan beaches that pass the paradise test…

Beach Talk

Let’s start up north in the Med and work our way around to the Atlantic, moving south as we go. The sea is calmer here and those wanting a tranquil experience may prefer the Med coastline. Near the eastern border, Saĩdia is a place with wide open spaces, shaded parkland and a beautifully maintained beach. With varied water sports on hand, inland coastal areas to explore and an 850 berth marina to please sailing enthusiasts, this scenic stretch of coast merits attention.

Heading back towards Tangier, make a stopover at the coastal city of Al Hoceima. Nestling between the Med and Rif Mountains, this place offers an authentic taste of Morocco. The beach Calabonita is a taxi ride out of town, but worth going the distance for.

The laid back and arty city of Tangier is the next stop on the itinerary. Situated on the Strait of Gibraltar, you can access both North Atlantic and Med from here. This place has played host to painter, Matisse and poet Allen Ginsberg in its time –  so if you want to split your time between laying on the beach and digging into the cultural scene, choose Tangier.  There are beaches in Tangier, look beyond the Cap Spartel and you see them stretching out for miles.

For the most memorable holidays in Morocco, it’s good to choose places off the beaten track such as Asilah. From Tangier, travel about forty minutes south to this beautiful town  and discover its pretty beaches, artistic vibe and stunning Medina.

Two hundred and eighty miles further south from Tangier you will meet Rabat, the capital city of this exotic kingdom. This place is laid back and sophisticated with an interesting split personality that indulges both its ancient culture and an equally strong modern sensibility. Set on the ocean, the sea breezes are refreshing and whip up some great conditions for water sports at Oudaya’s Beach, found at the foot of the Kasbah in Rabat.

Keep heading south past the movie-famous city of Casablanca and the temperature will climb. Holidays in Morocco don’t get much more authentic than those spent in the ancient sea town of Essaouira. Flying in to Marrakech makes the sensible choice if you want to reserve a spot on the beach here.  With plenty of sports action in the form of kite and wind surfing and some great Atlantic rollers for the surfers, this southern jewel is unmissable. Stay in a hospitable riad or dar in the old town and get a room with an ocean terrace. For a vacation that transports you to another world, Essaouira is worth travelling the distance.

Next stop, Agadir, it is a name you may be familiar with as many international airlines fly there. Here you find a modern, well set out resort town, great for families, couples and  those seeking beach adventure. Agadir’s balmy climate boasts over three hundred sunny days per year. People visit for the long sandy beach, water sports and wealth of spa therapies and indulgences available in the high-end hotels.

Finally, on this whistle-stop tour of the unbeatable beaches of Morocco, we stop at Dakhla. Due south from Agadir, this undiscovered gem has a perfect climate, a beautiful blue lagoon and is surrounded by stunning landscape. As ancient fishing villages go, it’s got to be one of the most picture perfect on the map. Nature lovers watch from gigantic dunes the many birds, dolphins and seals that make their migratory stops here.

That just about wraps up this tour of Moroccan beach-combing. It is by no means exhaustive, it is entirely possible that there are other even more beautiful places waiting to be discovered…