Keeping Our Lawn Ready For Summer

Properly maintained lawn could be appealing in areas with high urban developments. In the concrete jungle environment, we should find places where we could get a relaxing and peaceful change of pace. Grassy spots in the front of our house could deliver great psychological benefits, while increasing the feeling of happiness, thoughtfulness, privacy, serenity and peace. It’s shown that people tend to be healthier and happier when they have immediate access to a garden or lawn. Good lawn could also work as a filter, to remove contaminants from the rainwater before it reaches our underground water supply. As with any plant, grass also releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, making our local areas feels much better.

Keeping Our Lawn Ready for Summer

We should consider an investment in landscaping and lawn as worthwhile compared to other home improvement methods. In fact, our initial landscaping investment could grow higher and converted into the actual house value. When we are planning to sell our house, beautiful lawn should entice more buyers to check at our property. Most buyers check our house during summer, so it is important to maintain predictable watering schedule during summer months. Once the temperature starts to creep higher, we may need to water of lawn equal to one inch of rainfall every week. It is important to water our lawn each day and a convenient way to do this is by using sprinklers. Sprinklers should be turned on based on specific schedules. There’s no strict guideline on how much water we should use, we may need more water, if the sun shines brightly every day and temperature is high or we could water our lawn less frequently if it rains every three or four days. We should also consider limitation on water usages by our local municipality during summer days.

We should keep an attentive eye on the lawn and always be on the lookout for the signs of our lawn that it starts to need more water. It could happen when the grass look curled and wilted. Also, if our footprints stay imprinted for a bit longer, then we need to add more water. No matter how hot the temperature may get or where we live, it is always a good idea to water our lawn at the morning in any season. This should help us to conserve water, because the lawn has the time to absorb more water in its soil layer. If we water our lawn when it is already hot in the noon, much of the water will evaporate too soon and less water could reach the roots of grass. If the wind blows stronger, we also need to apply more water to the lawn.

Other than risking wilting and drying out our grass, lack of water in our lawn could encourage the growth of grass-like weeds, such as goose grass, crabgrass and foxtail. It may detract from the overall desirable look of our lawn. Weed could also choke our grass, because they will compete for sunlight, nutrients and water.