Important Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind On Your Trip To Jaipur

One of the most crucial things to know before visiting a new destination, especially when it is not as laid back as the rest of the top cities, is knowing if what you are doing is unknowingly seeming rude to them. It is also essential to have some tips up your sleeves at your disposal to survive and enjoy a pleasant visit to the city. This article talks about tips, dos and don’ts for your Jaipur trip.

Every destination differs from the other. There are things you can do in some, and things you cannot in some. It is essential to know the do’s and don’ts of a place before you travel anywhere as what you do, may be unknowingly hurting the sentiments of the people there. There are various things you cannot do while you are visiting a pilgrimage site like drinking or partying, however that is perfectly fine when you visit a place like Goa or Mumbai. There are  also various do’s and don’ts you need to know when visiting a tourist city like Jaipur. Jaipur being one of the most popular tourist site in India is visited by people from all around the world whole year round. It can be easily approached by a Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jaipur train. Here are some tips, dos and don’ts you need to know for your trip to Jaipur.

Important Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind On Your Trip To Jaipur

Be careful of touts

Touts are all over, from tour guides to somebody attempting to sell you “legitimate” Rajasthani stuff. Never get bulldozed by it.

Carry change at all times

It is obligatory to have money on you, but don’t carry too much cash. Always keep changes at hand so the shopkeepers do not overcharge you seeing the big notes. It will also be difficult for you to have to pay with a 500 rupee note for a 10 rupee water bottle.

Never flash valuable

It will not be the first time a tourist or traveller has been mugged in the city if you do. Never flash your expensive jewellery especially when you are on some street markets to buy some souvenirs.

Never forget to crosscheck the bills

Whether it be eating in a restaurant or purchasing something from the shop, always cross check the bill. Excessively numerous cases happen where retailers and restaurant proprietors take the risk of making some forced errors in the bill in the hope the customers will not find out and walk away paying the amount.

Keep yourself hydrated

Jaipur is agonizingly hot and humid. Always stay hydrated with water or fruit juices to avoid falling sick.

Be careful with the monkeys

Monkeys are bold and dangerous here. Maintain a distance from them at all expense and never defy them. Simply toss them some food and slowly walk away incase you encounter one face to face.

Keep up with some courtesies

A few courtesies should be maintained while visiting the city like not spitting on some spots or talking loudly inside some monuments and temples.

Eat hygienic

Eat fresh and eat clean. Make hygiene the top priority wherever you choose to eat.

Know about the no-photograph zones

There will be some no-photograph zones in a few landmarks and temples. Respect that and switch off your telephones and put your cameras in your bag.