How to Reduce Pains During Long-Range Air Travel?

Frequent air trips can be pain in the back and after so many hours of sitting, it is getting harder to protect our aching back. Many of us sit improperly and unnecessary back pain may ensue. Our body isn’t designed for long-term sitting, so long flights are not easy on our bodies. We can’t be in the same sitting position for more than a few hours. When start to turn and twist, it’s how our body tells us that we need to get up and have a light physical exercise. Lifting heavy suitcases are not really physical exercises, because we often use the wrong posture and it’s performed in a long period of time. We often bend over and pick up the huge, heavy luggage, this is obviously not weight lifting.

Airplane seats are really uncomfortable and they are cramped. There are things that we can do to prevent our back from aching. First of all, we need to pack light and think about what clothes we want to pack. In general, it is a good idea to choose lighter clothing. Also choose outfits that match others, so we can wear them alternately. We also need to arrive early. It means that we can move slower and bring our luggage in a more proper way without hurting our body. When we are half running and in a hurry, we often bring luggage in a less appropriate way. This will cause injury and soreness. This is not a good thing, because we will need to sit for hours in the cramped seat. Just arrive early and we will get plenty of benefits.

We also shouldn’t life the carryon luggage into the rack. In this case, it is preferable to allow the attendant to help us. A nearby gentleman should be willing to put the luggage up or take it down for us. If there’s no one to help us, put the luggage on the seat, then to the arm of the seat and then to the back of the seat, before putting it into the rack. This will significantly reduce the physical tension of putting the luggage. Also, we shouldn’t twist when moving the luggage. The twisting movement is dangerous when we are lifting something heavy. This could result in lower back pain and other injuries. In general, we should move comfortably and prevent doing something that can intentionally or unintentionally hurt out body.

Another thing that we should do is by using the seat support. We could use pillow or extra blanket for the back support. In this case, the seat should be reclined, so we could take some of the pressure off our lower back. Knees should be kept at the right angle, so our back can be properly supported. Use inflatable device under our feet or use a pillow to get our feet to the proper angle. In some cases, we need to take the pain relief medication. Topical pain relief products can be applied on our lower back and it will minimize pain flare ups as much as possible.