How to Improve the Performance of Our Diesel Car?

It is important for us to get more out of our diesel-engined car. By tuning our car, we should be able to obtain more improved performance in a simple, quick and cheap way. Diesel engines use the compression ignition method and there are a couple of components that we need to consider, including air intake and injection system. We should be able to get more from our engine by adding external tuning box or tuning chip. Diesel engines are available in specific performance level. Each engine type is also tuned to use specific fuel qualities. With the external tuning box, we should be able to remap the engine parameters to obtain improved power at different rev ranges. There are multiple benefits that we can get from improved performance, such as reduced fuel usages.

When optimizing the performance of our diesel car, we coul choose between diesel remapping or external tuning box. However, this is often a matter of preference. Costs are often similar between both systems. We should be able to install diesel tuning box in our house, but we will need to visit the workshop, if we want to use engine remapping. External tuning boxes have a real benefit, as an example, it can be removed more easily. It means that the tuning boxes can be transferred to other diesel cars. Modern tuning chips and tuning boxes can be quite complex. They may have a variety of adjustments depending on the requirements of our engine. Often, using diesel tuning system is the single most important upgrade that we can get. We may obtain about 35 percent more power.

Improving the performance of our car can be as simple as replacing the air filter. This will increase the air flow and we will get more power. Many newer diesel engines are able to allow us to increase the airflow by making some adjustments. Even a handful of percents of performance improvement represent huge savings in fuel costs in the long run. Filter replacement is an essential thing to do, because an old filter can be slowly clogged. Other than optimizing the performance of the diesel engine, we could also choose better tires. As an example, sport tires could provide us with better grip. This is also a low-cost method to improve performance. Another benefit that we get is improved braking and cornering.

We should be able to improve handling by choosing tire with lower profile. This will significantly reduce the amount of effort needed under heavy cornering. Obviously, low profile and sport tires are more expensive than the regular models. However, they are worth to purchase if we perform more frequent cornering. We should also choose winter tires during cold, freezing days. Special rubber compound used by these tires should stay flexible and softer at sub-zero temperature. They should also have special treads that can cope with ice, slush, snow and water on the slippery road. They should allow us to drive safely and confidently.