How To Balance DJ’s Interests and Crowd’s Preferences?

How To Balance DJ’s Interests and Crowd’s Preferences?

Becoming a DJ can be quite overwhelming, so it is important for would-be professionals to get a clear guideline. There are things to do so they can properly start, basic things that DJ should consider before they get going include determining their taste, sets, genre and music collection. They need to have proper knowledge and the right DJ gear. In order to get the right gigs, they should have proper branding marketing and gigs. However, if someone is aspiring to become a DJ, it is quite possible that they are very passionate about their music. In this case, they should know very well about things that they like and they don’t like.

DJs soul have good relationship with music and popular DJs often have different playing styles. New DJs should ask themselves whether they could do something that’s considered popular. We may want to do our thing, but a DJ could be successful only if he/she can make the crowd happy. Ideally, what we love could also make the crowd happy and at this state, we could be in a “DJ heaven”. However, we may need to compromise, so we can balance between our personal interest and crowd’s preferences. In this case, DJs shouldn’t become someone else. It is important to stick to what they love and what they stand for.

Often, we need to continue to do this, even if many people don’t care. Being a DJ is about finding our own unique way. We should be patient and look for things that people love. If something feels wrong, then we need to find what’s wrong. A good DJ knows how to balance personal interest, crowd’s preferences and record label’s wants. At this time, it isn’t hard to find thousands of samples from YouTube, podcasts and others sources. DJs could find inspirations for their work and achieve creativity.

Expressing ourselves is also about choosing the right gears. Learning how to become a successful DJ is also about finding the right tools to express ourselves. We need to properly use or gears or bad things could happen. It is important for us to choose the right gears. After buying our gears, it is important for us to properly practice at home. This will give us an opportunity to develop our skills. Unfortunately, DJ equipments are often quite costly and we need to make good decisions. If we prefer to do it the old school way, we could purchase turntables and it is a more traditional way to learn how to match and mix music.

For many people in the DJ industry, turntables are known for their big sentimental aura and many professionals think that spinning vinyl is a proper way to choose. For new DJs, it can be a fantastic to learn using mechanical equipment the old school way. In essence, turntables are direct and very honest. Today, not many clubs still use turntables, so if we love using turntable, we may be able to stand out from the crowd.