Goose Hunting Locations In Minnesota

As the population of the Canada goose in Minnesota increases, hunting for these birds has also increased. However, for hunters who are neophytes to the hobby, goose hunting can be difficult compared to skiing in Iowa. In reality, finding these geese and learning to hunt them isn’t that hard. Most of Minnesota has a great geese population and acquiring information regarding how to hunt them is easy. The main problem many goose hunters usually face is discovering the right place to hunt for them. Though securing a goose hunting area is hard, it isn’t that tough as a lot of hunters think.

The first vital step in locating a good spot to hunt for geese is buying or renting a good goose hunting book or video from any library of sporting goods store. According to Kevin Lines, who is the Program leader of DNR Farmland Wildlife, before looking for the birds, it is important to know the basic biology, habitat, and behavior of the goose.

Top Gun Guide Service is here to go over some amazing Goose hunting locations in Minnesota for you.

Rochester Minnesota

One great place to hunt for goose is in Rochester, Minnesota. Hunting in Rochester is usually done during the months of November and December. The area has comfortable and heated pit blinds for hunters since the weather during these times is cold and waiting time can be extensive. Rochester hunting pits are considered as one of the best and are situated in amazing fields.

One secret to successfully hunt goose in Rochester is not over hunting the birds in a single field. Experts in the area suggest planning and rotating areas carefully in new fields that are used by the geese. This way, your chances of hunting success will increase. According to local hunters, they are educated geese and are being hunted for years, so they should be treated as such.

Ortonville/Lac Qui Parle

Another great area to hunt geese when in Minnesota is Ortonville or Lac Qui Parle, where a huge number of Canada geese congregate. The Lac Qui Parle area, which is close to Ortonville in the western part of Minnesota, is a paradise for goose hunting. The area has water and grain fields, which makes it a great pit stop for Canadian geese to take a long rest and fill their belly with corn and soybeans during their migration to the south.

To get to the geese, hunters have to enter private fields. There are guide services in the area that provide such service in entering these privately owned fields.

Hutchinson Minnesota

During fall, the area of Hutchinson, Minnesota is perfect for goose hunting. The birds are usually found in privately owned fields. There are guide services that hunters can hire so they can enter in acres of private fields in the area. If you are planning to stay for a few days, there are lodging houses at affordable rates in town. Guide services also offer great layout blind hunts. They also have heated pit blinds for hunting on traditional fields where geese have been around for years.

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