Free Proxy Servers Ensure Smooth Browsing Experience

Ensure Smooth Browsing ExperienceYou might wonder whether any individual can benefit from proxy servers or not. To get the proper answer, you must know what these servers entail. Firstly, the only purpose of the invention of proxies was not bypassing filters. One of the fundamental benefits of using it is that you can be more anonymous with it. When you connect directly to the free proxy server, it will have information about your external IP. Also, the cookies that are on your computer are detected by it.

Few important functions

A plethora of functions is conducted by free proxy servers. Firstly, as the network traffic of your computer passes via the proxy, it can change it. Secondly, the User Agent string is replaced by it with few meaningless strings. Thirdly, though it can receive all cookies, not necessarily it will pass them to you. It can even block all cookies. Fourthly, as the proxy connects to the server, the IP of your computer is not disclosed. Lastly, proxies function system-wide for which programs cannot bypass it.

Extra features offered by it

More and more computer and Internet users are utilizing servers from the free proxy list given on the websites due to the availability of certain important features. By compressing the traffic, it helps in saving few bandwidths. By caching files, it enhances the speed of the page loads. Also, it can strip advertisements from websites before you can view it on your computer. Blocking malicious websites is another highly crucial function of proxy servers. Make the browsing experience as smooth as possible with these servers.