Experiencing Spain While On A Walking Tour

It is easier to see places up close when you’re on foot than it is when you are riding past them in a tour bus. If you want to experience the culture, atmosphere, or history of a country that you’re touring, you should take your time getting to know the area. This usually cannot be done on a guided tour because there is a strict itinerary to follow, but on a self-guided walking tour, you can take your time on the trail to experience places in Spain.

Historical Sites

Spain is a treasure trove of history due to its location in Europe and on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Most walking tour companies offer a variety of locales from which to choose, so you can experience some of the history of the country and pass many historical sites. For instance, you can explore the Franco-Spanish border overlooking the sea with the Great Pyrenees mountains in the background.

Other routes include paths where Christian and Muslim forces met during the crusades and walking trails on the Canary Islands. While there is a schedule to follow, as long as you arrive at the nightly destination, you can venture off the trails to visit wineries, talk to locals or other travellers, and eat some of the world’s best cuisine.

Varied Landscapes

On some tours, you will be on the outskirts of large cities like Barcelona or Madrid so you will be able to experience of their urban culture. You can try the variety of wines that Spain has available and meet many people from across Europe and around the world on your travels. However, other tours will allow you to walk across beaches, take alpine trails, or walk along ancient paths past monasteries founded by early Christian monks.

Dressing for Weather

Most walking holidays in Spain are available from the months of April through November, although in the warmer regions, you can find some tours available as early as March and going through December. Dressing for a Spanish adventure will depend on the region you’re visiting as the islands and the areas along the Mediterranean can be very warm in the summer months. However, if you’re visiting the Picos or Pyrenees mountains, you may wish to bring a jumper and pants if you visit in the spring or late in the fall.

A hat, sunglasses and, sunscreen are always necessities whenever you’re outside for a prolonged amount of time but especially in a sunny climate such as Spain. Also, carry a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated, especially in the warmer months. A small day pack should be sufficient for your daily walks and most touring companies will transport any other luggage you have to that night’s destination.

Length of Tours

Each tour is marked for its difficulty and there are tours available lasting five to 11 nights, depending on where you go. Most walks are only four to five hours or so per day, but you can take as much time as you need to walk and experience the Spanish countryside.