Experience The Natural Magnificence Of Naldehra

Experience The Natural Magnificence Of Naldehra

Settled amidst the astonishing extents of the Himalayas, lies this sublime hill station of Naldehra near Shimla. The blue skies, rich green forests and a skyline decorated with the rainbow, makes the spot appear pretty much like a painting on a canvas. English Viceroy, Lord Curzon, who found this spot, was so spellbound by its grandness that he considered building a golf course at this spot, which today, is one of the finest golf greens in the nation. Visit Naldehra to absolutely loosen up your senses.

While scouting for the best Naldehra tour packages, get these highlights of this spot in your itinerary and plan your trip accordingly.

Mahakali Temple

The Mahakali Temple sits gracefully on the banks of the Mahakali Lake. It has been ideally constructed in the midst of Sano and Gudial in the Chamba District, close to Naldehra. The sanctuary is committed totally to Maha Kali, that is, the Goddess Kali Devi. This haven of Maha Kali, a greatly commended spot amidst the celebrations identified with Kali Devi.

Shaily Peak

Shaily Peak is a gaudy crest, secured with lush green forests and has gorgeous trails that are frequented by trekkers to reach the summit. You can also use steeds to reach to the highest point of this spot. Shaily Peak sits amongst the Himalayan inclines close to the Mahakali Lake. There is in like manner a motorable track to achieve the summit and from the base of Khatnol, it is a 8 km trek to the top.

Kogi Mata Temple

The Kogi Mata temple is situated in the town of Kogi, close to Naldehra. Kogi Mata  is the deity to whom the temple is devoted to. Standard Himachali houses around this temple and the seat of the senior locals here scratched in wood, pull in different tourists.

Experience The Natural Magnificence Of Naldehra

Naldehra Golf Course

Built up in 1905 by British emissary Lord Curzon, this golf course in Naldehra is set among tall cedars. This fine golf course has the unconventionality that different holes have the same fairway, befuddling it at unmistakable edges. Use a caddie (₹150 per nine holes) or you won’t know where you’re going. You can have snacks and beverages in the clubhouse bar despote the fact that you’re playing or not.


Tattapani is an incredible fascination of Naldehra, somewhere in the range of 30 km from this town. Known widely for its springs that have actually boiling hot water, in light of which, numerous individuals wind up here to make the plunge in it. Tattapani is additionally recognized to cure different ailments and certain skin maladies. The springs are situated on the banks of River Sutlej, spread over a zone of 1 sq km. While at Tattapani, you can also appreciate a surreal boating session along the River Sutlej.

Now that you know of this quaint getaway from Shimla, get ready for the blissful outing. The town, however looks little, but will shock you with its limitless offerings of natural goodness that will revive you through and through. So, let the adventure start!