Drinking With The Locals: Best Sports Bars In Barcelona

People and Culture

There is a lot of people around the globe who love sports more than any other thing. Moreover, many people love to travel and make memories of their traveling. Such people become the cause of culture transmission.

Likewise, each region of the world shows different cultures and traditions that becomes the symbolic representation of that specific area.

Nowadays, football is a true sensation in sports. Almost each person could potentially be a fan of football and can’t miss any match for any reason.

Therefore, there is new thing in the market for such people. Although it was an old concept but now getting attention from all over the world.



Yes! I am talking about sports bars. Yes here the live transmission of sport shown continuously. In addition, if we have a look at Barcelona the real place for football, here are many sport bars where you can have food or drinks and watch your game with many supporters.

There are many sensational places for the tourist in Barcelona. Sport bars belongs to this of places that are worth visiting, too.



This sport bar in Barcelona has a certificate of excellence, which shows the quality of the restaurant and hard work of the team. Moreover, if you are a gin lover then it is the right place for you do visit when you travel Barcelona. They have their own original gin that will make your day.



Boadas is ranked as best sport bar in Barcelona. It was opened back in 1933. It is an art deco cocktail bar. This sport bar has some old soul in it. Try their cocktail of the day to witness a real kick.



It is a restaurant lounge and a cocktail bar as well. They provide you with a variety of food and drinks. The view of sea from Baritimo is the real asset of the bar. Best place in town to have a get to gather or a party. They offer space for almost 200 people to celebrate your parties. Do visit to have a chill cocktail with such beautiful view.

Creps al Born

Creps al Born

It is one of the best bars in the town. They provide you cool drinks with great efficiency. It is a small place but always flooded with people. Tourists love this place because of the atmosphere. Visit to have some great time.

Monkey Factory


It is a proper traditional bar in Barcelona. The vibes there are really cool, with old soul and funk tunes blaring. Some real taste for the tourists and culture lovers with the welcoming atmosphere. They serve best drinks in town. Do visit to witness the real beauty of Barcelona sport bar here.


If you are a tourist in Barcelona and want to see the real colors and beauty of that beautiful region of Spain, you can use Barcelona car rental services to visit all the areas on your own. Visit all the sport bars all historical places and witness the football sensation there.