Detecting Privacy-Intruding Cameras In Hotels

The rise of CCTV cameras has been an issue to some people who are very particular about their privacy. Some of them contend that surveillance cameras compromise their right to privacy. Because of this, some people are anxious when they come to a place for the first time, being vigilant whether or not they are being monitored by cameras. There are times wherein the anxiety of people has basis as some CCTV owners tend to violate their guests’ privacy, monitoring them without their knowledge or consent. While hotels in Parramatta area are free from privacy-intruding cameras, you may still it helpful to learn new knowledge because you would never know if you visit hotels in other parts of the world.

Detecting Privacy-Intruding Cameras In Hotels

If you are the type of person who is not comfortable with the idea of being monitored by CCTV cameras, then you might want to learn several ways how to detect such cameras even if they are hidden. These steps will help you avoid being recorded in your most private times in areas like hotels.

  • When you enter a room that you suspect to have CCTV cameras on it, it is recommended to keep quiet and listen to any buzzing or clicking sound. Certain types of CCTV cameras produce clicks or buzzes when operating. If you can hear these sounds, follow where they come from and see if there is really surveillance camera installed in the room.
  • The best way to look for CCTV cameras is to survey the room. Surveillance cameras are usually hidden in different articles of the room, including smoke detector, speaker, flower vase, light fixtures, picture frames, table tops, shelves, and the like. You should not only look for the camera but miniature microphone as well. Also, if you can’t see the camera or microphone, you may look for wires that may belong to the surveillance system. Since CCTV cameras are usually hardwired, you can easily detect their wires.
  • Shutting the lights off would help you find even the littlest source of light. After turning the lights off, look for any light indicator like LED light that may come from the CCTV camera or surveillance microphone. However, this may not help you at all if the owner has sealed the light indicator of the surveillance system.
  • You may not have seen CCTV cameras installed inside the room, but this does not mean there are no cameras outside the room. CCTV cameras may be installed on the opposite side of one-sided mirrors, which can be problematic if you don’t know how to detect them. For you to detect whether or not a mirror is one-sided, turn off the lights, then use a torch and examine the mirrors.
  • You can hear an electronic feedback if you direct your phone to a place where you suspect there is CCTV camera or surveillance microphone while placing a call. If you can hear a feedback, there may be an electronic device installed near your cell phone.

Security experts say that surveillance cameras can be used to your advantage but it can also be used against you, especially when it comes to your privacy. It is wise to learn few tricks to know if someone is unwarrantedly monitoring your move.

Nevertheless, surveillance systems do not always work against you as you can use it to monitor your property and to protect it from criminal elements and activities. If you want to protect your property or your hotels in Parramatta area, then you may want to invest on good quality CCTV cameras. There are many different good brands of surveillance systems in Australia. Investing on these security cameras can help you deter criminals away from your property.