Buying Paintings Online Is Easier Than Buying From Brick-&-Mortar Stores/Galleries

Buying Paintings Online Is Easier Than Buying From Brick-&-Mortar Stores/Galleries

Why online purchase of paintings is getting more popularity?

People are becoming more familiar and at ease with the concept of online purchasing for products. It is the same for art such as oil paintings. In western countries, much finance has been generated through this process. It is the same for Indian market as well.

Some people may still hesitate to buy online stating that they cannot ‘see‘or ‘feel’ the painting. They may also find it difficult to trust the artist they haven’t seen and suspect the genuineness of the painting. A lot of arguments may arise in this regard. However, these can be vanished easily when one looks at the advantages which online purchase of paintings provide.

Buying Paintings Online Is Easier Than Buying From Brick-&-Mortar Stores/Galleries

Purchasing paintings online is different from buying other products through web stores:

Buying paintings from sites and online galleries differ from ordering products like smartphone or tablet from web stores. These devices are available at local stores and one can check it and then decide to buy from the web. But it isn’t so with original paintings or other artwork. So if a person has to see the artwork prior to buying, he has to contact the artist to visit his studio. However, the artist may be located far away (in another country).

What are the advantages you get while buying online?

  1. Online exhibitions of oil paintings are more convenient than the real galleries and exhibitions. The buyer gets to look at the paintings and take time in appreciating them at the comfort of his home. This is a better experience than visiting a gallery or art store. Apart from that there is the scope of bidding on the sale. So while, some may love the excitement of shopping in the traditional manner, the online stores for art are better.
  1. Often a preview is availed which makes it easier to look closely and understand better about the oil painting. An online art gallery will consist of previous exhibition and painting records as well. This can be used as references.
  1. Majority of people have become internet savvy and thus they find this system to be easy. Online galleries also provide with useful tips to visitors for buying and selling tips for artists. Thus if an artist or visitor is new to the process, he will learn it fast.
  1. If a number of painting exhibitions are hosted by a particular online gallery/store, the websites can be visited to know when where these events can be attended as a person. An added advantage is these galleries don’t have closing times and hence these can be visited anytime. You are least likely to come across any fake painting online as these online galleries provide the option of contacting artists directly. After you have selected and purchased a painting, it is shipped through different delivery sources, directly to you.
  1. These galleries have easy and quick access to a huge collection of paintings by renowned artists around the world. Transaction occurs between the buyer and seller without any third party involvement. Potential buyers are also guided to purchase these oil paintings directly from new and famous artists as well. Thus it is easy to buy oil painting online in India. Of course, it is the same for other Asian and western countries too. These online sites consist of contact information and curriculum of the artists whose artworks are displayed. A visitor can also register with such a gallery and receive mails regarding future exhibitions.

Buying oil paintings online through these sites is more convenient than visiting galleries where the price of artworks aren’t clearly explained (i.e., why a painting costs a given amount), which isn’t so online.