Business Process Management: Ready-to-Go Solutions for Your Enterprise

Business Process Management

Business Process Management


Optimizing of end-to-end business processes is essential of any effective business. It includes many functional subprocesses in a company as marketing processes, sales, customer relations, supply chain processes, production processes, etc.  These components of the whole enterprise’s system can correlate more or less successfully and the grade of success significantly depends on operations management which has both real including administrative and business practices and digital as planning, execution, monitoring and analyses constituents. BPM software is that makes a connection between internet of things (IoS) and digital customer related experience.

Out-of-the-Box BPM Tools for your Business

Business Process Management systems are specially featured to convert real ways of business flowing into their digital analogs with a main goal to make them as effective as possible. Bpm’online offers a set of process-driven solutions for companies to help your business at its every turn that includes:

  • Dynamic Case Management (DCM)
  • Structured business process management (BPMN) automation
  • ITSM approach for services management
  • Monitoring and analysis tools

The set of these tools packed in attractive and easy-to-use UI helps clearly define company operations, manage workflows and analyze effectiveness of business activities. Combining BMP with Customer Relationship Management (CMR) products gives even more advantages to businesses by closing the gaps that often occur between marketing and sales structures. The unparalleled hit of Bpm’online is all-in-one set of CMR Software that delivers three products on one platform:

  • Marketing tool for lead management
  • Sales tool for sales process management
  • Automated customer service

Connected in one chain the three delivers to the customer the ultimate multifunctional tool for customer engagement by means of lead management and optimization of services.

It is worth noting, that business process management automation may involve the two types of solutions already mentioned, such as BPMN and DCM. The difference of approaches is that the first model deals with well structured repeated operations, while the second option is mostly intended for unstructured activities. Using both of them in one shell could benefit any business with complicated structure. Let us take a closer look at the last feature.

Dynamic Case Management (DCM)

Dynamic Case Management

The Business Process Management software is designed to match real workflows in organizations, automate them and create reports. Case management is one of the most important modules of modern BPM systems as it helps to cope with processes that are difficult to control in the frameworks of standardized procedures. According to Gartners, case management together with problem solving solutions weighs up to 15% among the common features customers want to see in their enterprise service systems.

Dynamic Case Management helps to simplify activity offering built-in forms and an adaptable set of functions. Any unexpected issue, quite often came from outside, can be managed using DCM. User friendly design allows dynamically creating and modeling a new case by means drug-and-drop tools, sharing it and mobilizing resources.

There are no limitations, which kind of issues can be controlled with Dynamic Case Management. It is also often called Adoptive Case Management, which means it fits for any incoming challenge. With DCM, you can manage both people and information and add as many activities and participant as you want.

Ad-hoc solutions give you the possibility to optimize outcomes without involving sophisticated workarounds, sometimes needed when you use standardized tools. If you have BPMN engine only, that is not that flexible, you might consider tackling an unpredictable case without using your BPM system. But with DCM the thing became simpler and you can not only manage a case, but also store and analyze it.

The essence of DMC is not following to the accurately defined procedure with prescribed timing (that is normally given in BPM structure) but resolving the case that involves gathering of required information and involving people and knowledge, sometimes against any deadlines. It was not long ago, when the technologies of dynamic and flexible case adjustment were demanded mostly customer driven businesses as insurance, services and health care, but now, it seems, the things have been changing, and more organizations look forward result oriented ways of solving of situations arising.

To summarize the above briefly, using Dynamic Case Management together in parallel with other tools of Business Process Management can improve the performance and reduce time required for problem fixing; that together with benefits of an intuitive interface and wide range of design features make BPM software for enterprise services a rather attractive option.

How to Get Maximum of Your BPM System

To buy BMP product it is not the same as to make it effective. You should know how to use it; otherwise, your software can become worthless application for data storage without managing them. Online Educational Platform of Bpm’online offers to the customers whole cycle 24/7 service where you can find everything to convert your companies data and processes into powerful service and analysis tool. Among the suggested services you will find:

  • Documentation including overviews, releases and step-by step instruction
  • Tutorial videos on products features
  • Training courses
  • Discussions in online community.

If you wish, you can get a certification and become a qualified user that includes some sub specializations: you may specialize in customization and administration or development of the system.

Exploring Business Process Management can be quite exiting if you have a system with great potential and a will to optimize it. But do not forget that your main purpose is efficiency and that is what BPM soft perfectly fits.