Blog Writing And The Different Genres Of Its Quirkiness

“Either write something worth reading,

Or do something worth writing.’’

  • Benjamin Franklin

Ever watched a starry night with a cool breeze brushing past your cheeks while you lazily settle on the comfortable warmth of the huge chair? Ever watched a dreamy mist settle slowly on your window sill while you watched little droplets of mist on the broken window pane? Ever felt the urge to hug those moments tight and relive the nostalgia again and again while remembering forgotten old memories? Ever felt the urge to simply write your thoughts down of a specific memory you want ever-lasting in your mind? Blogging is one such freedom that uplifts you from all the daily chores of life and brings to life, the writer within you – the niche of everything.

Blog Writing And The Different Genres Of Its Quirkiness

Blogging has its origins since the year 1994 when a student Justin Hall began the trend while in the Swarthmore College. The blogging era which started henceforth witnessed a large number of changes. What began as an online diary where people could keep information of their day-to-day lives, it transformed into tools of outreach and opinion forming by the political consultants, news services and the like.

Blogging comes under different genres depending on the type of content and the way it is delivered.

  • Personal blogs – A day-to-day flow of thoughts by an individual.
  • Collaborative blogs – Blogs maintained by more than one authors and united under a single theme say politics, education, technology, etc.
  • Corporate blogs – Blogs maintained by business organizations for industrial. Basically targeted towards branding, marketing, research and the like.
  • Microblogging – These kinds of blogs mainly involve users posting small short posts, friends to keep in touch with other friends, business associates to organize meetings and other events. This is a very resourceful type of blogging and has risen in trend since the development of social networking websites like Facebook and apps like Whatsapp
  • Aggregated blogs – Individuals and business organizations may aggregate blogging posts based on particular topic and hence carry forth quality discussion for the corresponding audience.

Another important feature of blog writing is that it facilitates the blog posts in a reverse chronological order.

Reverse blogging, is also such feature worth description since its advent. In this type of blog writing, a collaborated group of users, typically anyone can write instead of the characteristic main author.

Blog writing, as quirky as it seems, also may lead to serious dangers if misused. Instances of defamation, personal safety breaching, employee blogging affecting the brand recognition of employer and more have been witnessed. The bloggers are henceforth required to strictly adhere the BLOGGERS’ CODE OF CONDUCT and any impeachment of the same may lead to serious consequences.

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