Beat Winter Colds With A Curry

When the weather turns colder it often feels like winter could last forever. This is partly because for many of us when the seasons change it doesn’t take long before we catch a cold or (if we are really unlucky) are struck down with the flu. However, just because the temperature falls outside that doesn’t mean illness is inevitable. There are certain things we can all do to ensure that we stay healthy right through until the start of spring.

In fact, something as simple as eating a currycould help us bid farewell to colds and flu. Fenugreek is an ingredient that makes a frequent appearance in many Indian dishes. It has also been hailed as a veritable elixir, being able to boost immunity and fight the common cold virus.

Beat Winter Colds With A Curry

The use of fenugreek within a medical capacity is not new. For centuries it has been used by women as a way of stimulating the production of breast milk during pregnancy and in the days after childbirth. It is also thought to help reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, aid digestion and help with weight loss, as well as helping treat skin and hair problems. All of which leaves us wondering if there is anything this wonder spice cannot do?

On average, adults in the UK catch between two and four colds every year. For children, these figures are higher (between three and eight) as their immune systems are not fully developed. Levels of sickness reach their peak in January, which means all the more reason for us to take action and start eating more curry!

Studies have shown that fenugreek is substantially more effective at staving off a cold than some of the so-called super foods such as blueberries. The spice is rich in antioxidants and is best taken as a preventative measure.

However, it’s not just fenugreek doing all the good work. Another spice noted for its cold-preventative properties is turmeric. A staple in many Indian curries, turmeric is so rich in antioxidant power that it has been shown to protect and heal virtually every part of the human body.

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