Avoiding a Bad Web Design Agency

A cheap web design agency may not seem that cheap once you become aware of the long-term loss you would experience. It is better to be aware of some warning signs that indicate that all may not be as good as it seems with the design agency.

A poor website design could turn out to be a fatal business flaw if you neglect bringing on board a professional website design Widnes agency. Become aware of the kind of web design agencies you need to avoid. It prevents you from making your website a victim of unethical design agencies with no technical expertise to speak of.

Look for the following signs to avoid a bad web design agency.

They are a Website Design Company Alone

A good website design company should offer more than a design service. A website is no more about looking good alone. A number of other components are involved, including website content, SEO, branding, and marketing.

A website needs to have all the above aspects in the right place to succeed. A design framework needs to be built based on all the above factors. It is therefore better to go for a company that offers multiple web services.

Their Own Website is Dreadful

Well, that speaks for the agency’s so-claimed expertise. Consider the following factors when assessing the agency’s website:

  • Is the website pleasing to the eye?
  • How fast does it load?
  • Are text fonts easy to read?
  • Is the design responsive, that is, does the website adjust itself to the screen of your device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc.)?

Capability for a responsive design is important as you need to take your website to wherever your customers are. With usage of mobile devices such as smartphones exploding, your web design agency should make allowance for such strategies early.

A separate website for mobile devices is an option, but a responsive design is what small and medium businesses generally prefer as it works budget-wise and performance-wise.

They Hesitate to Show Live Portfolios

A screenshot of webpages or the agency’s record of client websites is not enough to trust its expertise. Get real and ask for some websites that are running live. A portfolio informs you about the web technologies the agency is proficient in, and its ability to deliver a design that strikes a chord with relevant audience.

They Have Been Around only for a Short Period

It is always better to choose companies with many years in the industry. For one, they know how to be up-to-date with changing technology, else they would have shut shop sooner.

When you trust a newbie, especially as a cheaper alternative, you have no guarantee that they will be still be around to support your website after the job is done.

They Build only Template-Based Websites

A website should be unique to your business and customised to your audience. This means building features, and adding more in future if need be, to deliver a unique visitor experience. An agency that relies solely on templates, and is unable to create new design elements on its own, cannot claim to be an expert in web design.

Ask for testimonials to verify their claims and further assess reliability. Finding a reliable Manchester web design agency may not be easy, but things become easier and stress-free once you pair up with one.

Article written by http://bluewhalemedia.co.uk/