5 Things to Know About Web Hosting and Subdomains

Most web hosting plans allows you to create subdomains. Some web hosting will limit the number of subdomains you can have while others allows you to have unlimited subdomains. When you are registering for a web hosting plan, you are required to submit a main domain. The main domain can be an existing domain that you own. If you don’t own a domain, you can buy it from the web hosting company.

If you cannot afford a domain, you can create a subdomain instead. The subdomain is a type of website in which the URL is based on the main domain. For example, the URL format of the subdomain is subdomain.abcdomain.com.

If your hosting used the CPanel administration panel, you simply click on the Subdomain icon to create a subdomain. If you don’t know how to create a subdomain, you can ask the customer service to help you setup it. The subdomain is free of charge. Of course, the number of subdomain which you can create is limited by the web hosting plan.

When creating a name for the subdomain, make sure it is optimized with SEO friendly keyword. You can use the Google Adwords Keywords tool to find a good keyword for the subdomain. The keyword which you use should have low competition. Normally, low competition keywords are long tailed. Short tailed keywords have high competition and are harder to rank for on the search engine. Long tailed keyword refers to keyword that has 3 or more words.

You can use subdomain to create a blog, store and etc. The subdomain gives the visitors an impression that your company is professional.

Subdomain helps you to save a lot of money. Instead of buying new domains, you can create unlimited subdomains to promote all your affiliate products. For example, if you want to sell 100 affiliate products, you can create 100 subdomains instead. The subdomains are the same as a new domain. All you need to do is to promote it through on site and off site optimization.

Besides, you can create subdomains to promote community events. Through community events, you can increase the web presence of your company on the internet.

While shopping for a web hosting, make sure you choose a web hosting package that allows you to create unlimited subdomains. You can find out from the list of features which is displayed along with the web hosting package plan.