5 New Cleaning Tips Have To Be The First To Know

We are always on the lookout for new and original ideas to clean. Let us make life easier! For applying a tip trick here and there, we can save many minutes at the end of the day, we can take the opportunity to do all the things we like. And you, what do you do with your free time after you start applying these cleaning tips?

Harness the Power of Car Wax at Home

If you thought the car wax was only useful to shine your vehicle, think again! Because you can use it to polish the surface of your convection cooking. Best of all is that when applying wax to the kitchen, you will make future cleaning easier. Perfect!

Clean Blinds with Vinegar

Clean blinds are one of the most complicated tasks in the home, usually also take us quite some time. Unless you apply this simple trick! Mix equal parts water and vinegar, moisten an old stocking, and use it to clean the blinds easily.

Eliminates Watermarks on Table

If after the last party at your house discovered coffee table was watermarked, no need to cover them with books or magazines. All you have to do is as close as possible, hair dryer onto the watermark. Then add a little olive oil to wood to recover.

Delete Carpet Stains

It is very easy to stain carpets. The hard part is to remove stains. Unless you know this trick! Mix two parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray the stain. Dampen a cloth and place it horizontally on the spot. Then iron the cloth with the steam iron for about 30 seconds. When you withdraw the cloth, the stain will be transferred to it.

Avoid having to Wash the Baking Pans

Tired of the globs of food in the oven trays? With this trick you will not have to worry more about them. All you have to do is line the baking pan with foil, then there accommodate whatever you are going to cook. After cooking, all you have to do is pull the foil and the tray will be clean.

How good it is to be the first to know these handy cleaning tips! Now tell to your friends. And do not miss these 4 cleaning tips totally crackpot that work!