5 Common Mistakes To Avoid For Magento Beginners

All business owners want rapid development of their businesses and this desire motivates them to make use of Magento (a popular E-commerce platform and content Management system) which is now used by several leading brands like Ford, Samsung, Fox Connect, Olympus etc. However, the successful development of a Magento store and its smooth functioning depends upon a lot of factors and you need to gain some fundamental knowledge about Magento before developing a website on it. Here are a few mistakes that most of the Magento Newbies make:

1. Install Magento through FTP

A large number of Magento users make this mistake. They don’t need to download the full version of Magento and install it using FTP. It offers a separate downloader functionality and you obtain the most up-to-date version of Magento. You can use the downloader to set up your E-commerce website easily and run it smoothly.

2. Deactivating customer reviews

Product’s review play a major role in the expansion of an E-commerce site. The purchase decision of customers is largely influenced by what others say about products and services. As 70% of buyers look for reviews of products and services before making buying decisions, it’s important for E-stores to display customer reviews, mostly a positive one, so that it may leave a positive impact on buyers and persuade them to land on your website to purchase your products and services regularly. Additionally, honest product reviews act as user generated contents on your site and it improves your site’s ranking in Google and other search engines.

But, in practice, most of the E-stores disable customer reviews on their site fearing negative feedbacks from their customers rather than addressing their genuine complaints and finding out why there were negative reviews. E-store owners should improve the quality of their customer service & avoid the deactivation of customer reviews on their websites with an intention to boom their e-business rapidly.

3. Neglecting Social Media Presence

The e-commerce industry has increased remarkably for the last couple of years and social media has been playing a very significant role in driving revenue growth for e-commerce sites. Today, millions of people spend their time on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, YouTube, whatsapp, etc. Now all E-commerce websites use these social media channels to target prospective customers, retain the existing one & promote their sales over the World Wide Web. Almost all online buyers expect eCommerce companies to have a strong social media presence, but only 28% of businesses have them. If you don’t have a solid presence of various popular social media channels, you are likely to lose a bigger share of sales into the hands of your competitors. When you operate a Magento store, make sure you do aggressive SMO to generate leads through social media and boost your revenues.

4. No Blog

It is a matter of great surprise that many E-commerce websites don’t have a business blog. Just like most large industries on the global Internet, the e-commerce space has become more competitive with the commencement of new E-shops at a lightning speed. When you launch Magento E-store, it is vital for you to do effective manage your blog to generate more traffic to your site because Google and other search engines always search for new pages to display the most relevant results for user’s keywords. Using several blogging platforms, you can:

a). Introduce your customers and potential clients about your company, its products and services,

b). Enlighten your customers how to use your products properly,

c). Clear the doubts and answer the questions of your clients and customers (regarding your products and services) and

d). Make announcements of special sales, upcoming events, company updates.

When you run E-commerce websites with Magento, regular blogging (about your products and services) will award your site with immense traffic using which you can generate revenues quickly to expand your business by leaps and bounds.

5. No proper research of keywords and Broken links

The Majority of the sites which go online, fail sooner than later primarily because of the lack of proper keyword research. When you don’t have an idea about what your customers are searching on the Internet, there is high possibility of the low ranking of your websites in Google. Just make use of the keyword planner to find the most appropriate keywords and design your digital marketing campaigns accordingly.

Also, most of the Magento site owners don’t check their websites for broken links. When a visitor lands on your site and click on a page which has a broken link that results in “page not found”, it may make him/her displeased and can shun your site immediately. Just check all pages of your site for “broken links” to give online shoppers the best shopping experience on your site.


When you operate a Magento E-shop, you have to take care of several aspects to run it smoothly and earn a handsome ROI. Just avoid the above mentioned 5 mistakes and take your eCommerce business to a new height easily in a short time duration.

Author Bio: Emily Benson works as a CMS Developer at HireMagentoGeeks Ltd. She is an expert of converting HTML to responsive magento website and has a team of developers to assist her. She is also a passionate writer and loves to contribute at top blogs.