3 Romantic Destinations In Illinois

3 Romantic Destinations In Illinois

Illinois has much more to offer than the city of Chicago as a destination. Many smaller towns have something worth checking out, such as shopping for antiques, admiring beautiful scenery, or exploring the winemaking process at local wineries. You’ll find that you can have the best time together with your significant other while enjoying something that the both of you can share. Discover three romantic destinations in Illinois worth adding to your trip itinerary.


Galena is a small town that rests along the Mississippi River. It’s known for its Victorian-era architecture that’s been largely unchanged for more than 100 years. Galena is also where President Ulysses S. Grant once called home. The town is steeped in history, but it also keeps an eye on the future.

The commercial areas are full of quirky shops, antique stores, and everything in between that piques the interest of visitors. Local food establishments offer everything from casual to upscale dining. Since Galena is in the middle of the Midwestern breadbasket for food production, you know the quality of the ingredients will be the best.


Moline is part of the Quad Cities, a cluster of four cities found on either side of the Mississippi. While Moline is larger than Galena, it still has a small-town feel with plenty of interesting adult-oriented activities to do and see. The John Deere Co. still has its headquarters here, and the impact of John Deere’s founder is all over the city in the form of historic sites open for touring.

You’ll find other interesting things to do, including the nearby Rock Island Arsenal Museum in Rock Island Township and walking or biking along the Great River Trail which follows the Mississippi River for more than 60 miles. Head to the Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley to see exotic creatures living in their habitats. A carousel in the zoo offers a bit of lighthearted fun. With so much to do in Moline and the Quad Cities, you’ll want to make sure to book an extended hotel stay that gives you enough time to get to everything you want to see and do.

Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Why go to Napa Valley when Illinois has its own wine country? These wineries have been in operation for some time, which means visitors can be sure of getting wine from mature vines that produce a robust quantity of grapes. A total of 11 wineries call this area home. The Shawnee Hills are located in the southern portion of the state and bordered by Iowa on one side and Ohio on the other. It’s also home to the Shawnee National Forest, another destination you can explore during your visit to Illinois.

Now you know about some of the romantic destinations that Illinois has to offer. All you need to do is pick a date, pack your bags, and head out to your location of choice to slow down and enjoy each other without the distractions of daily life.