3 Low Cost Destinations That We Should Visit

There are many interesting locations that we could visit and provide us with decent tourism experience. As an example, Vietnam is known as a location with low cost of living and this will translate lower costs for travellers who visit the country. The misty Halong Bay is one of the best highlights in the country with the seascape of small islands and limestone outcrops, that look something from a fairytale, fantasy film. The Mekong delta is known for its floating markets. At Cu-Chi near Saigon, we could find old Vietcong tunnels, they city officially called Ho Chi Minh City. Some parts of the tunnel have been widened, so foreigners with large body could easily enter the area. For backpackers, they should be able to find exceptionally cheap accommodation and some hotels already provide decent accommodation for less than $40. It is also a good idea to try local cuisine. We may try seafood spring rools and pho bo or beef noodle soup. There also many local hangouts locations that provide liquors and comfort food.

Lithuania is located at the Eastern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea. When visiting Lithuania, we could also go to the nearby Estonia and Latvia. However, there are many great destinations in Lithuania that we can spend the whole week in Lithuania. Kaunas and Vilnius are unique cities with their own historical details, musical styles and artistic representations. We could go to the Curonian Spit known for its windswept sands and we may beach comb the area to find some ambers if we are lucky enough. A great place to visit Lithuania and other Baltic states is during mid-June. In summer solstice, we could participate in Rasos, a festival that’s derived from pagan traditions. It is an exciting all-night affair with bonfire leaping, dancing and singing. People will stay awake all night to greet the sunrise of the summer solstice. During the occasion, we could also try local cuisine, such as smoked salmon and sour cream, as well as potato pancakes.

Granada is a laid-back colonial area in the Caribbean. We can do many things in the place, such as visiting the Masaya craft market and tackling volcanoes. There are cultural villages where pottery is made and we can just enjoy the environment by taking a nap on hammocks in lazy coastal settlements. The Selva Negra in Granada is known for its coffee plantations and foggy jungle during rainy season. San Juan del Sur is a surfing town where we can find many expats. The Leon is a place where can find groups of indigenous Native Central Americans. The most luxurious hotel in Granada is the Alhambra Hotel, located at the main square, which offers us only $30 per night.

These places will allow us to get great experience at lower costs. We don’t have to spend so much money to obtain great amenities in these countries. We should make proper planning before we go to any of these areas, so we could really save some money.