Types of Travellers

There are different types of travellers that we could find. Here are some of them

  1. Total budget travellers: These people live on a strict budget both at home and during a trip. No matter how exciting the location is, they always find ways to save money. There are no extra snacks or drinks for these people, unless someone buys them one.
  2. Party animals: They only have one focus, which is to find fun at bars, pubs and clubs. They may even deliberately neglect popular destinations in the area, so they can have parties with locals. They would be in a real conflict with total budget travellers.
  3. Go-anywhere, flexible travellers: They don’t have real plan for their trips. They believe that everything is good and there’s no need for them to follow strict guideline. They don’t care about where they go, all they want is to just have fun. They focus more having good experience and they don’t think that it can always be obtained in popular destinations.
  4. Careful planners: Careful planners do not do things that aren’t planned previously. They don’t want to find that things have gone wrong because they don’t have proper plans. In this case, careful planners are the total opposite of the flexible planners who have loosely followed plans or even no plan at all.
  5. Absolute techies: Many modern travellers are not confident about visiting places if they are not equipped with the latest gadgets and accessories. They won’t to stay close to modern features. Their technological implementations often go beyond high resolution photography and real time GPS navigation.
  6. Souvenir buyers: These people allocate a significant amount of money for buying a variety of souvenirs. Like party animals, they are not really interested with visiting touristy popular destinations. They often perform extensive researches on local items that they can purchase. They often have problem with luggage that exceed the air travel limits.
  7. Knowledgeable travellers: The know-it-all travellers are often equipped with extensive knowledge on destinations that they want to go. They often find great pleasure of touching objects that they could previously see in books and pictures.
  8. Avid photographers: Unlike average travellers, these people feel that a trip is the opportunity to capture unique objects. Their most treasured possessions are often pictures that they took from the destination area.
  9. Constant complainers: These people will always find something that doesn’t suit their standards. They often consider themselves as frequent and experienced travellers. Perhaps, it would be much better for them to just stay home and enjoy things from a far.
  10. Helpless tourists: These helpless individuals often find that everything is just a bit too much for them. They always try to look for assistance from locals and fellow travellers. They seem to continuously need over them, so they can be protected from any kind of unseen or unreal dangers.

In reality, many travellers are a combination of these characteristics. A sensible traveller should find a balance and they seek to find moderate solutions.