Travel Guide Of Tibet Tourist Attractions


Located on the northern side of the charming Himalayas, Tibet is the fascinating location of the world which grabs the attention of the travelers. Mostly known as the Roof of the World this region is known or its elegance and mind-blowing attractions that ensures a memorable holiday.

The most wonderful region welcomes people to see fascinating attractions that allow in enjoying a memorable vacation in Tibet.

    • The Potala Palace: The impressive architecture of the Potala Palace is to be witnessed during the holiday in Tibet and this is one of the largest constructions of the region. The golden roof of the palace grabs the attention of the people and offers a unique view. The royal palace located in the northwestern part of the Lhasa City is a spectacular construction. This is one of the ancient palaces of the world which is much auspicious for the Tibetan people. There are several attractions in the region and one must visit the Red Palace, White Palace and a few murals that reveal the secrets of the Tibetans.
      Potala Palace Tibet
    • Lakes: Namtso Lake, Ranwu Lake, Yamdrok Lake and a few more are the most ravishing waterbodies that are sacred and beautiful. Enjoy the sparkling lakes which are heavenly bodies and glaciers that are worth of visiting and people can enjoy the  best holiday witnessing the beauty of the nature.
      Namtso Lake
    • Barkhor Street: The vibrant street in Tibet, which is known for shopping around, is the Barkhor Street and here one can purchase a lot. The busy road attracts the attention of foodies and people who love to shop as there are several handmade goods which are much fascinating.
      Barkhor Street Market
    • Norbulingka: The stunning attraction of Tibet is located in Lhasa and is one of the amazing region. This region is nicknamed as the Jeweled Park this region is the place for the Dalai Lamas during summer. The Shot on Festival is one of the eye catchy celebrations and people can see the Tibetan local performances.
      Norbulingka Palace
    • Monasteries: The Samye Monastery is one place which is a popular pilgrimage place in Tibet. This is the birthplace for Tibetan Buddhism and there are innumerable sculptures, statues and prayer halls in the monetary which make tourists feel amazed. The enchanting architecture and the construction style is worth of exploring and one can even enjoy witnessing the beauty of the Yongbulagang Palace. Sera Monastery, TashiLhunpo Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery, Garden Monastery are a few monasteries which are largest and striking places famed for Buddhism.
      Samye Monastery
    • Mt. Kailash: A sacred site of Tibet is the Mt. Kailash is one of the unique places which grab the attention of the people.The mountain is one of the exceptional places to explore and even owe a vast importance in Buddhism. This is a pilgrimage spot of Tibet and people can easily witness the enchanting grace of the whole region.
      Mt. Kailash Tibet

The Tibetan kingdom, even owes a special image and various places are worthy to explore during the holiday including Nagqu, Shannan, Qamdo and a few more.The attractions in and around Tibet are perfect to explore and make sure you plan a 6 Days Tibet Tour in between May till October as this is the best time to witness the fabulous attractions of Tibet.

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