Tourmaline Hair Dryer- Top 3 Benefits

Wouldn’t it be nice to use non-artificial hair products on your hair? You will not have any dreaded fear of damaged hair or worst losing your mane. These products should not be only limited to what you apply on it but the different appliances you use as well. An electric hair appliance that falls in this category is the Tourmaline best hair dryer. It’s the green cousin of standard hair dryers which does not use synthetic materials. Tourmaline Hair Dryer does not contain those materials but instead it is 100% made of crushed Tourmaline mineral. If you are thrilled about this amazing product and its benefits, then read up.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer- Top 3 Benefits

As mentioned above, Tourmaline Hair dryer is a product of 100% crushed Tourmaline mineral. Tourmaline is a valuable stone that is the world’s best ionic and infrared generator. This precious stone was discovered by the great Benjamin Franklin. He was captivated with Tourmaline’s exceptional ionic and infrared properties like hair irons. These very exact properties are the perfect combination for great hair results. This is because of its natural and frequent release of negative ions and infrared heat. Here are the top five reasons why tourmaline hair dryer is simply divine.

  • Quick Dry Hair Without the Damage

Tourmaline Hair Dryer uses the powerful duo of negative ions and infrared heat. Negative ions aid in breaking down the water molecules on your hair quicker than usual. Thus these smaller water particles undergo evaporation much quickly, making the hair drying process so much faster.

Some researchers even claim that it can dry hair over two times faster than conventional hair dryers.

  • Noticeable Shiny Hair with Locked-in Natural Moisture

Another great benefit from the negative ions is its ability to seal the layer of your hairs’ cuticles. This makes your hair surface silky smooth and shiny. Not only that, it helps in locking in moisture by letting water particles enter the hair shaft also like best hair steamer does. This leaves you with a healthy looking hair with an added shine to it.

  • Made from a Natural Material

Since Tourmaline is the material used in this hair dryer, it is more natural than most. It is also ideal for styling while on the go because this here is an ultra lightweight hair dryer. This is just perfect when you travel constantly.

So for a shiny, smooth, non-dry looking hair, what else would you choose than this natural blow dryer? It will help you bring out the best out of your hair.