3 Ways To Make TVs Last Longer

No matter who are and where we live, we have a few things in common. We want to save more money and get the most of our hard-earned cash. So whether ee are living in large cities or buying in online stores from an outpost somewhere in Antarctica, we always want to have the best deal possible. From so many things that we buy for our house, one of them is television. TV is often the primary tool for entertainment.

They are incredibly versatile and can provide tons of enjoyment. Not only for watching favourite TV series, these boxes could also allow us play many interesting games. In fact, we often find ourselves glued in front of TV, unable to move our eyes even for a second. Because it is one of the most important equipments in our home, we should follow instruction for maintenance and care from the manufacturer.

Three Ways To Make TVs Last Longer

On average, we could spend more than 3 hours every day in front of TV. It is a perfect affordable source of entertainment for the entire family. Many families have more than one TV sets and many people buy a new set every five years or more. With such an intense usage, we often encounter malfunctions. There are ways we could take care of our TV and extend its operational time.

Here are three things we should do to lengthen the lifespan of our television set:

1. Set a good foundation:

One of the most important things about owning and operating a TV set is considering where we should put the device. We often a spend $300 or more on television, so we should make sure it will be placed on a sturdy foundation.

When planning to hand the TV on the wall, we should be sure that the mount is perfectly solid, especially if we are buying a large widescreen TV. With inappropriate mount, the expensive TV set could come crashing down into the floor, potentially causing us a huge loss.

2. Check humidity and temperature:

We are living in places with vast variation in humidity and temperature. People who live in tropical countries near the shore could have very warm climate and high humidity. TV sets have delicate electronic components that could be affected by the hot, humid air. In general, if we plan to improve the lifespan of our TV set, it is important to keep the temperature somewhere under 40 degrees Celsius.

People who live in colder areas could be less concerned. During the winter, it is cool and dry enough inside the house.

3. Beware of dust:

Dust is one of the most harmful enemies for electronic components. They may contain ions that can conduct electricity. When dust settle on electronic circuit, small amount of electricity could be delivered into areas that shouldn’t receive it. This could cause electronic equipments to fail and we often call this situation as “short circuit”.

When we have TV, it is important to wipe the surface periodically to avoid dust from entering the interior of the TV in large quantity. There’s no way we can prevent dust from settling inside the TV set, but by cleaning the surface, we should be able to minimize risks.