The Best Healthy Snacks For Kids’ Movie Nights

The Best Healthy Snacks For Kids’ Movie Nights

There are few better activities for cold winter nights than a movie marathon. The entire family can spend time together watching movies that excite, educate, and entertain everyone. Every family can enjoy using to find the best channels and movies to please everyone in the room. It is easy to understand why family movie nights have been a common occurrence in homes all over the world for many years.

Because it is such an old tradition, there are a lot of common things that people associate with a movie night. One of those things is unhealthy snacks. Buttered popcorn and soda are just the start of the common unhealthy snacks that people come to expect when they are watching a movie. These snacks can be extremely unhealthy for kids, and parents who want to teach their kids healthy eating habits might want to avoid them. Here are some of the best healthy snacks for kids’ movie nights.

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit is a naturally sweet alternative to candy, so it is a perfect snack for kids who are craving something sweet. Fruit in a bowl is boring, so parents can dress it up for their kids by making fruit kabobs. This is a fun and fresh way to enjoy a healthy snack during a movie.

Whole Grain Cereal

Popcorn, chips and pretzels common at movie theaters can be loaded with sugar, fat and chemical preservatives that can be hard on a kid’s digestive system. Parents can satisfy those same cravings with a low-sugar whole grain cereal that will please even the pickiest eaters.

The Best Healthy Snacks For Kids’ Movie Nights

Frozen Yogurt Pops

Ice cream is becoming more and more popular as a movie treat. However, all of the sugar in ice cream is not a great treat for kids to have right before bedtime. Parents can give their kids a better version by making frozen yogurt popsicles sweetened with fruit and honey.

Trail Mix

Salty snacks like pretzels and peanuts might provide that satisfying crunch kids want as they watch a movie, but all this salt can create health issues for kids later in life. Parents can help their kids make a better choice by giving them homemade trail mix lightly seasoned to give them all the flavor without the cholesterol.

Kale Chips

Potato chips are the common enemy of everyone’s waistline, from adults to kids. Parents can avoid weight issues with their kids by letting them snack on a better chip. Kale chips are a great crunchy alternative to potato chips that can be seasoned to everyone’s liking.

Air-popped Popcorn

Popcorn is still that standby that no one wants to get rid of in the movie snack list. Parents can avoid all the bad stuff in traditional buttered microwave popcorn and opt instead for making their own air-popped popcorn. Not only is this version much healthier than other versions of popcorn, but it is also very fun for the family to make together as a pre-movie activity.