Red Carpet Look Tips & Hacks For A Flawless Look

The most important time for every celebrity during one season is red carpet since at that moment everyone is looking at them and their future roles depend on how good they look. Their stylists have to work on their outfits for weeks until they finally pick up the right one. Although it looks like an easy task, it involves lots of people doing their best to take the best out of someone’s figure and to combine accessories and make up with their gowns. Some of the famous stylists have figured out some tricks that can easily transform an ordinary outfit into a glamorous one.


If you want a flawless look your clothes should fit you like a glove. Sometimes we can find dresses that fit us perfectly, but most of the people needs to have their gowns customized to flatter their body shape. For many stylists, that is the secret weapon that leads to phenomenal results under the spotlight.

Red Carpet Look Tips & Hacks For A Flawless Look


Celebs often have they signature style and their combinations are very predictable. That’s why it is good to break the habit and choose differently. Reese Witherspoon had a black phase that lasted for a while and then when she showed up in a red dress everyone was amazed how lovely she looked. Of course, not everyone is up to some experimental, but the slightest change of color or style will significantly change the whole red carpet look.

Shape Up

Before you even start thinking about your outfit ask yourself is your figure in the best possible shape. If the answer is no, then hurry up and start running or doing Pilates because it is high time to lose some of the extra material you have on your stomach and thighs. Of course, if all this sounds like too much work for a few hours on the carpet, there is a trick that everyone in Hollywood use and that’s Leonisa shape wear that will make you look stunning in a long dress without any workout.

Red Carpet Look Tips & Hacks For A Flawless Look

Make a Plan

Thinking about what you’re going to wear beforehand can speed up preparations and make you feel more idle when the time for getting ready comes. The best lesson that influential Hollywood stylist always points out is how important is to plan out every detail. From shoes to jewels and make up palette you need to have a list so that you wouldn’t forget a thing. In the end, you will fell relaxed enough to enjoy the moment and have your five minutes of fame.

Take Pictures

One thing is to look good in the mirror in your closet, but it is very different to get out on in the daylight see how colors suddenly change. Lupita Nyongo’s stylist said that she always asks her clients to take lots of pictures of their outfits only to make sure which one looks perfect.  With some useful tricks you can take some high quality pictures during day and night since camera can show you some potential flaws and help you find out what are your strongpoints. Moreover, if you can’t decide between two styles, photos will give you the most objective view of the situation and help you make up your mind.

Red Carpet Look Tips & Hacks For A Flawless Look

Finally, dress to look like the best version of yourself and think more about how you want to feel then what others will think. In the world of showbiz the looks matter, but the biggest celebs are the ones who care the least. Try to follow that mantra and you won’t get unnoticed.