Parking Geography: Rental Car Rules In Barcelona

You should not rent car in Spain if you are not planning to go to the city suburbs or to other cities. It is rather difficult to drive your car in the city center. You can use metro. Metro stations are situated close to all significant city sights. It is clean and comfortable. The roads in the center are overcrowded with transport and heavy traffic.

You Really Need Car

You should hire a car in Barcelona, if you are here in business. There is a sense to use rental car services if your hotel is placed far from the metro stations. If you are going to visit provinces or city outskirts, like Girona – old little town in the North, Penedes – winemaking region or Dali Museum in Figueres, you cannot use without car. You really need car if you planning to visit one or another resort city not far from Barcelona or sea shore.

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Rental Car Services in the Airport

Airport is a place where many different reliable rental services work. Each company has its own office or two. It is very easy to find them inside the airport building. Thus, airport in Barcelona is not big. The cars are usually placed a couple of minutes walking from the main company office. Actually, you can easily hire a car from your home, using online booking services. All you need is find the right office and choose a car, furnishing all necessary documents. There are many things that you have to pay your attention to, including working hours, position and other details.

Pay Attention to

Hiring a car, try to count all your expenses for car and supporting services. You should know that road situation in Barcelona are not very different from the European roads. Nevertheless, it looks like car attraction. The roads are full of motorbikes and scooters. It means that you have a chance to have a big careless spot or compression mark of your car’s hood on the go or in the parking. As a matter of fact, you can make additional insured contract that protects you from overpaying.

Also, if you want to go far on your rental car, it makes the price higher. Spanish rental car services establish race limit. Going over the limit, you have to pay additional money. As a rule, the limit is big. So, the chance to go over the limit is very low. It is better to learn beforehand everything about limitations and overpaying for one or another kind of vehicle.

You can meet toll roads in Spain. The payment points are situated in the beginning of the road and in the end. Toll roads are additional expenses for tourists, especially, if you are travelling for long distances. So, many people prefer public transport to avoid additional expenses. Rental car is good decision for those, who want to travel through the country, from side to side, especially travelling in a big company. There is always a choice. You may compare offered services from different rental companies to choose the best of them.


Safety Parking in the Center of Barcelona

Try to plan the place of your parking beforehand. Of course, there are many parking places in the city center. Nevertheless, they all are busy. It is difficult to find a free parking place. Make sure of it, visiting one or another parking place in the center. You will be shocked! There is a big parking in the territory of bus station. It is very popular for tourists. The main advantageous characteristic of this parking is metro station that is close to parking. You can use metro to get to any city corner, leaving your car under the official care.

So, choosing a parking, you can book a place beforehand. It is recommended to use online services if you are going to park your car in the region of La Rambla or Plaza Catalunya, or near the popular place Sagrada Familia. Using internet services, you will get a guaranteed place for your car is different parts of the city.

Cheap Parking in Barcelona

In general, the price for parking in the center of the city is about 2,50 – 3,50 EUR. The price depends on such factors as parking position, parking type, for example, roofed or air parking. Thus, there are many parking zones that offer big sales for leaving your car for more than 24 hours period. Of course, you understand that if you want to leave your car in the center of Barcelona for long period, the price is going to be high, even discounted.

Our Rental Car.

It is very important to find good budget parking, where you can leave your car for short or long period. You can leave your car in the territory of special parking for cheap, if you could find it. You are offered to leave your vehicle for limited time for low price and pay for the service in the end. It is not a secret, but it is a real thing to find cheap parking in Barcelona. The prices are lower than popular standard places.

What is the difference? As a matter of fact, the list of offered services is the same as it is usually offered from high class parking. Learn the list of cheap parking places in Barcelona and use them. You should learn them all because it is really difficult to catch free parking place.

NH Zona Franca Parking: 7,00 EUP per 24 hours.

BSM Rius i Taulet Parking: 7,00 EUR per 24 hours.

BSM Placa de Forum Parking: 9,95 EUR per 24 hours.

BSM Marques de Mulhacen Parking: 9,95 EUR per 24 hours.


These parking territories are situated close to the metro stations. So, you can easily get to one or another place in the city. If you want to leave your car somewhere else, you can use interactive parking map. This map can help you to find good parking in different parts of the city. Barcelona has more than 150 popular parking territories. You should find them. Learn prices and book a place beforehand.