Mistakes We Do When Rebuilding a Website

It is important to know that rebuilding a website can be seen as a significant task. Therefore, it is important to know that we should be able to manage our website. This could happen on normal websites or those with CMS platform. People prefer to use CMS, because they can easily change and update specific areas. CMS often has clearly defined layout, so changing an image or a piece of text won’t cause significant design problem. We should have a complete management of our website or we will end up with a complete mess. One of the problems with rebuilding our website is that we tend to be unrealistic with our goals.

We should know that there is a possibility that bad things happen to our website. This is a fact that many people don’t readily recognize. People may fail to focus on what’s important. It is easy for website owners to get preoccupied with things like visual appearance. They may fail to understand that ease-of-use, simplicity and other sensible factors should be added to our priority list. Because many companies don’t include regular rebuilding as part of the online marketing effort, it is possible that the team simply works on a shoe-string budget. Probably, the biggest mistake we do during the website rebuilding process is forgetting about the basic and core functionalities.

One common mistake is that we are not too realistic when it comes to developing our website rebuilding ideas. We may be very enthusiastic in adding never-before-seen features, but there’s a fair chance that it’s actually a bad idea. In fact, some of our goals to add “breakthrough” features could be downright impossible. Before we do this, it is important for us to find example websites that can help us define whether some features can be easily added. If they seem to have poor implementations, it is important for us to learn from their overall mistakes. Hopefully, we will be able to develop our own ideas in how to better implement a website.

It is possible that we simply fail to set goal during the start of our website rebuilding process. This is something that we should try to avoid whenever we can. It is not possible for us to judge our success if we don’t have goals as baseline indicators. It is also not a good idea if our goal isn’t specific enough. As an example, we could have a simple goal like increasing traffic to our website. This is not a clear goal for any website rebuilding project. We may need to improve our goal, such as increasing our traffic by 50 percent in 3 months. This is a clear goal that can be gauged quite easily.

Any idea should be written on the paper, so we would know what to achieve during specific times. We should be able to know things that we should engage in the next phase. This should be a relatively easy thing to achieve. Marketing and SEO considerations may also need to be taken into account.