Frank Gehry In Europe: Following The Trail Of The Architect

The late twentieth century has brought us to the world a star system of architects not seen since the Renaissance times. Futurist building designs that introduceus into modernity with authentic and wonderful examples of the monumentality must not be carved in stone or refer back to classicism.

Frank Gehry In Europe: Following The Trail Of The Architect

Among this new generation of a rchitects we can point one of them who has greatly revolutionized the ways and challenged the right spaces.Heis none other than the Canadian Frank Gehry. Let’s take a walk through the most remarkable works that this genius has left throughout Europe.

Dancing House: the Subtlety of Movement

If we look for accommodation in Prague Center, a good place is close to the Dancing House, on the right bank of the bridge Jiraskuv to appreciate one of the best examples of fusion between tradition and modernity.

This deconstructivist building in collaboration with Czech-Croatian architect VladoMilunić, lies along the Vltava River and surrounded by houses of classic cut, making their presence an interesting exercise in avant-garde integration.

Inspired by the dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, the Dancing House evokes movement, harmony and it constitutes undoubtedly one of the profiles in one of the most interesting building across Europe. All this in a city, Prague, eminently of classic cut which stopped being so thanks to, among others, this construction.

The Guggenheim effect in Bilbao

Can a museum revitalize an entire city and bring it to the 21st century? That’s what happened with a building which maybe one of the most emblematic and memorable works of the great Canadian architect: the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

The Basque city now is an interesting axis of modernity, with beauty beyond its spectacular museum. However, before the museum was built, it was a city stuck in its industrial stage, and this project was the starting point to revitalize the city to what it is nowadays

Marques de Riscal winery: the Confirmation of a unique Style

The evocative style that signed the Bilbao Guggenheim project was repeated in its own way at the Marqués de Riscal wineries in the region of La Rioja Alavesa. Cellars that also work as a hotel, spa and convention centre, where Gehry was inspired by the rolling fields of vineyards to translate them into the building that would eventually accept some natural products such as fine wines.

Titanium plates covering the building were made in three colors: red like wine, golden as the mesh used by the winery and silver as the capsule of the bottle Marqués de Riscal.

The Golden Fish: Architecture Made Sculpture

The installation “golden fish” is the only work of Frank Gehry whichis not a building. Between the two towers flanking the Olympic Port of Barcelona, this imposing sculpture reflects the curvaceous style and plays with natural light between the metal parts which combine perfectly with the Mediterranean sunsets.. A gift for a city which could not live without a master piece of this global architect.

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MuseoVitra:German Insignia

What characterizes a good architect is the ability to adapt to the environment: to shape his own personality in each building but also to collect cultural and aesthetic foundations of place that welcomes him. All this can be seen in the Vitra museum in the German city of Wheil am Rhein. A building where straight forms that characterize German architecture and materials like reinforced concrete coexist again with the Canadian curve style.