Examining Architecture and Going to Museums in Moscow

In cold war movies, we could see glimpses of depressing apartments of Moscow. It is true that in the old era, apartments bring lower quality of life. The communal city could provide locals with limited features, such as inadequate hating and paper-thin walls. However, many of these old buildings have been replaced with plenty of high-rise, modern residential buildings, for significant improvement. Khrushchev could be rather uninspiring, when it comes to constructing great structure in the Moscow. However, Joseph Stalin, had a grandiose vision about the local layout of Moscow. He envisioned a city with plenty of steel skyscrapers with Gothic inspired design. The first building was about to be constructed in 1941, but at the same time, Germany attacked during the Barbarossa operation. The much-needed steel was diverted for the war effort. However, seven buildings were constructed post war and they are now called by locals as the Seven Sisters. They could look like buildings that we normally see in Manhattan.

When examining the wonderful architecture of Moscow, we should also visit the cathedrals and churches. Religions were banned in Russia for many decades and many places of worships were demolished by the Communist regimes. However, many of these places were rebuilt since 1995. In some respects, they are quite indistinguishable compared to the original designs, other than the addition of modern features, such as improved plumbing. Color is probably one of the most striking aspects that we can see in the architecture of Moscow. We may expect drab-colored surfaces, However, we could find plenty of multi-hued pastels with rather bright primary colors that are interspersed among stone and brick. Locals or Muscovites say the bright colors work well during cold Russian winter. The St. Basil’s Cathedral is a famous 450-year old structure with its multi-colored onion-shaped domes. It’s something that we could see in a Disneyworld with the rather exciting color arrangements. The St. Basil’s Cathedral looks rather striking both by night and dat. In fact, many photos about Moscow or Russia have the cathedral in it. The area is definitely something that we need to visit.

Along with St. Basil’s  cathedral, the Red Square and Kremlin are two objects that we will need to visit. It is not possible for regular tourists to enter the fortress-like Kremlin, but it is still a wonderful place to visit. In Moscow, museums should be quite plentiful and art lovers should be impressed by the availability of many artworks in the city. This is real and true taste of the Tsarist era, as a representation of their immense wealth. With reservation, we could enter the Armory section of the Kremlin. There are many things that we can find inside, such as the Royal Carriages and the Faberge Eggs. The 1812 Museum is located on the Red Square, but it could be a rather confusing place, because none of the exhibition has English translation. After seeing all the architectural designs and artworks throughout Moscow, it should be time to sample the local cuisine.