Car Cleaning Tools That We Need to Prepare

Car detailing can be quite a time consuming and hard work. However, this can actually be well worth our effort and time. With good products, we can cut the detailing time in half. We should do this at least once a year. There are many cheap products that we can use and it is important for us to avoid using low-quality products. It is important for us to stick with any known products in the market. Car detailing is often about elbow grease and some amount of hard work. We may need to prepare many things. As an example, it is a good idea to have chamois, rags and paper towels. They have different functions during car detailing. Cotton t-shirts with smoother texture could also work well for cleaning encrusted dust at the bottom part of our car. We also need brushes and they are available sizes and varieties. Brushes could really help us if we want to reach difficult parts of our car. If we want to clean nooks and crannies, old toothbrush should also work well. Cotton swabs can be used to clean small parts inside the car cabin.

It is also a good idea to bring wash buckets and they should be able to make our car cleaner. It is important to use multiple buckets, because unwanted chemicals and dirt could accumulate at the first bucket we use. The second bucket should have cleaner water to rinse the surface of the car. However, a hose would be better, because we can get steady stream of water.  Also, we should use good quality sponge and wash mitts. Power washers can be quite affordable these days and there are different hose nozzles that are included. We should be able to find power washers in many hardware stores. Vacuum could also be used to clean the interior of our car. In many cases, it is better to clean the interior first, so debris, dirt and dust won’t stain the recently cleaned exterior. Floor mats should be removed from inside the car and they can be washed thoroughly using detergent and power washers. This should also allow us to clean the upholstery and carpeting properly. We may move the seats forward and backward, so the dirt can be removed from the under the seats and inside the tracks.

We could also use brushes with harder bristles, so it is much easier to remove dirt from the cracks. Before cleaning, we should stir up the carpet, so much of the junk can be removed. It is quite likely that after a prolonged use, there are stubborn stains in our upholstery. It should be a good time to deal with them. All-purpose cleaner should work well to remove the stains. We could saturate the spot with cleaner and use damp sponge to clean it up. However, because there are so many types of cleaners in the market, we should read the direction. Harsh chemicals inside the cleaner could end up causing stain on the carpet mat. In this case, it is a good idea for us to use milder cleaner and use stronger one only if the stain still can’t be removed.