Amazing Swiss Winter: 5 Spots For Skiing near Zurich

Amazing Swiss Winter 5 Spots For Skiing near Zurich

Switzerland means not only top-class watches, cheese and accuracy. It’s also the second home for alpine skiers who come there from all over the world to enjoy the exceptional natural beauty of the ski resorts of this country. Ski resorts in Switzerland offer the first-class holiday, excellent conditions for winter sports as well as magnificent scenery and fresh mountain air.

Thanks to the mild climate and the healing mountain air, the most famous and best ski resorts of Zurich accept visitors all year round. By the way, excellent roads lead from Zurich Airport to these alpine resorts. So, if you rent a car in Zurich, you will turn the trip to the resort into a wonderful adventure. And now, check out the best spots for skiing near Zurich…


Davos is one of the best Swiss mountain resorts. It’s located at an altitude of 1560 meters and is divided territorially into two parts – the western Davos Platz and the eastern Davos Doft. The quality of the ski slopes and the accommodation options in Davos are of the highest standard. The city has many wonderful museums, concert halls and theaters.


Davos is known as the Swiss capital of snowboarding: 6 fan-parks are at your disposal at once. Two of them occupy the slopes of the Fun Mountain. There are also two half-pipes, springboards, tables and other attractions for the fans of freestyle. In addition, all conditions for traditional skiing are created in Davos. There are number 99 trails, and their total length is almost 320 km. Some of them are 10 km-long!

Davos is connected with Zurich by excellent highways: A3 highway to Landquart, and then highway 28 to the resort. The whole journey will take you not more than two hours.

Distance from Zurich: 150 km

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is considered to be one of the most chic and aristocratic world’s resorts. It’s located in Engadin Valley and boasts of the fact that there’s about 322 sunny days per year in this place. This fashionable ski resort includes two separate parts: St. Moritz-Dorf and St. Moritz-Bad. Both parts are situated on the shore of the most beautiful Moritzersee Lake.


The whole skiing area is divided into 3 sectors: Corviglia (2488 meters), Corvatsh (3451 meters) and Diavolezza (2973 meters). Each sector features sites for advanced and professional skiers, as well as for beginners. Professionals and the fans of thrills will definitely like virgin ski slopes. Ski parks and half-pipes with obstacles are also open in St. Moritz.

You can reach St. Moritz from Zurich by following A3 motorway – this amazingly beautiful road crosses almost the entire Graubünden canton. Travel time is about 3 hours.

Distance from Zurich: 201 km


Wengen is one of the most famous Swiss ski resorts, because every January the World Cup slalom and downhill slopes are held on Mount Lauberhorn. Located at an altitude of 1274 meters, Wengen is known for its clean mountain air. In the small resort town visitors can find several comfortable lodgings, which include both fashionable hotels, and small but very cozy boarding houses.

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The total length of the ski tracks in Wengen is 110 km: there are 8 ‘blue’, 17 ‘red’ and 5 ‘black’ ones in terms of complexity level. The difference in altitude reaches 1100 meters. Recently, Wengen has become a famous center for summer holidays. Many pedestrian and bicycle routes were laid there. Under the guidance of experienced guides from the Mountaineering Center of Wengen, you can also climb mountains and ride horses.

You need at least two hours to get from Zurich to Wengen. On the way, you will pass through such wonderful cities as Lucerne and Zug.

Distance from Zurich: 129 km


Engelberg is probably the oldest ski resort in Switzerland. It’s located in the center of the country, only 35 km away from Lucerne and 90 km from Zurich. There are excellent conditions for beginners, and for more experienced skiers. Recently, Engelberg has become popular among snowboarders. The resort is relatively small, but it’s extremely rich in comfortable hotels: there are 33 various apartments and guest chalets.

Joe skiing at Engelberg Switzerland

In Engelberg ski resort two skiing areas are available: a zone for beginners and family skiing called Brunni (1860 meters) with a difference of altitudes more than a kilometer, five lifts and 12 km of tracks (5 km of ‘red’ and 7 km of ‘blue’ tracks), and Gershnialp-Trubsee zone, where there are 21 lifts and 73 km of tracks with a clear predominance of complex ones. Snowboard fans will definitely like Terrain Park with half-pipes, big-airs and quarter-pipes.

The most convenient way for getting from Zurich to Engelberg ski resort is by A4 highway. You will spend only 1 hour and 10 minutes while driving along several Alpine lakes, crossing the beautiful Lucerne city and passing through the system of outstanding tunnels.

Distance from Zurich: 90 km


It has recently become a single ski resort, which is incredibly popular among Swiss families with children and beginners in alpine skiing. Surrounded by stunning scenery, the resort is very comfortable and there are enough options for relatively cheap stay. Arosa – Lenzerheide is famous for its excellent service and an abundance of breathtaking events.

Transfer (Arosa - Lenzerheide) - Switzerland

In 2013, two resorts with their tracks and ski lifts were connected, so 225 km of ski slopes became available for holidaymakers. Most of the tracks are intended for inexperienced skiers and beginners. Nevertheless, Lenzerheide often hosts the Skiing World Cup finals. The most difficult descent of this resort is the famous Silvano Beltrametti route with the length of 2.45 km, and the maximum skew angle of 65%.

In order to reach Arosa-Lenzerheide, it’s better to choose A3 road and head to Chur city. The journey takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Then, there are only about 5 km from Chur to Lenzerheide.

Distance from Zurich: 139 km