A Few Dirty Secrets Mobile Network Providers Don’t Want Us To Know

We often feel that network providers have gotten the best of us. We already heard about multiple frustrating stories on over-charges, billing errors and ridiculously expensive contract agreements. Fighting back isn’t an easy task for average consumers, who don’t have good legal capabilities to protect their interest. It is also very difficult to decipher those complex bills that arrive in our mailboxes every month. The most sensible way to fight back is to stop subscribing to bad network providers and we should know all the likely secrets that they seem to adopt. Here are a few things we should know:

Network providers often make mistakes

One of the common issues is that network providers count free minutes when they tally up our paid usages. In this case, we often end up paying for some, if not most of the free minutes. Network providers know that such a mistake could happen sometimes, due to system glitches and human errors. For this reason, we should stop such a mistake from occurring too often by making a register on how much time we spend on paid voice call.

A Few Dirty Secrets Mobile Network Providers Don’t Want Us To Know

We are allowed to cancel our contract if there’s a change in pricing and other details. Our contract agreement with the network providers is based on a set amount of monthly payments and it is a bad idea to pay for things that we didn’t agree with. Raising prices and making other changes should be considered as a violation of the agreement and we should be able to request for a termination of the contract without penalties.

Salespeople need to meet specific Sales quota

The mobile industry is also a sales-driven environment and salespeople have quotas that must meet, so they can keep their jobs. They receive an incentive if we are agree to pay for more expensive plans, such by buying more expensive on-contract smartphone models. We need to make sure that we are able to trust a salesperson and by making a few researches, we should know whether they are honest and tell the truth.

Advertising often excludes more affordable Plans

Wireless providers often exclude plans that deliver more value to users, which are appropriate if they only have minimal usage. The sad truth is that many customers are unaware that they can purchase less expensive plans, because salespeople may encourage them to get more expensive ones. Unless we are agree to make little research by visiting the company’s official website and request for the unadvertised, low-cost plan; we will likely pay for expensive plans that we don’t really need.

Improperly configured phones may incur Roaming Charges

There could be specific network configurations that cause us to rack up on the roaming charges very quickly. The network carrier may have included no-roaming clause in the plan, but improper settings cause us to hit a roaming area. It is important to make sure that the roaming feature has been disabled.