A Cycling Holiday May Change Your Life

Travelling on holiday is not a new concept and millions of individuals, couples, and families choose to do so each year to nearly every country on the planet. As someone with a strong sense of adventure, you want something more than a walk through some oversized amusement park. Instead, consider a cycling holiday for an experience that is altogether different than any holiday you may have taken in the past. This kind of holiday is something thousands take each year, and many choose to take one a second time for more than a few reasons.

No Planning Necessary

One of the most frustrating things about holiday is the planning that is necessary before you leave. Hours of searching for the right accommodations, deciding which cities to visit, and putting together busy itineraries are something many holiday-goers dread. Cycling holidays allow you to cut down on your planning almost entirely, as you can book a self-guided cycling tour through a reputable holiday company. These companies provide quality cycling holidays that you can trust to be filled with amazing sights, friendly locals, and exactly the right amount of challenge.

Suitable for all Fitness Levels

Whether you ride your bike to work daily or dust it off only once or twice per year, there are cycling tours available to suit any fitness level. If you love a challenge and want to do some serious adventuring, you can book a tour with many difficult areas to work your way through that end in beautiful locations. Someone with a need or want for something more relaxed, such as someone traveling with children, can book something simpler without sacrificing the amazing places to see and explore.

Travel at Your Pace

You could cover tens of kilometres in a short time or just a few in several hours. The pace is yours to set and there is never any rush to get to a location. You control when and how quickly you want to reach your next goal. This ability to slow down and really admire the beauty of the landscapes around you is something many travellers find both relaxing and meditative.

Lose Weight

Bicycles run on calories. Each and every time you get onto your bike and start pedalling, you burn them away by the hundreds. Unlike other holidays where you may find yourself a kilo or two heavier afterwards, you may find that you lost a bit of weight by the time you arrive home. Even if you rode slowly and stopped frequently, the calories you burned meant you could enjoy all of those fatty holiday foods you love so much with fewer worries.

The Locals and Sights

Cycling tours allow you to discover landscapes and locations that a vehicle could never reach. Each new location and town will be filled with friendly and inviting locals always happy to exchange stories and share a meal. In fact, some of the cuisine you taste during your tour will be completely unlike anything you may have at home. This is in itself a type of adventure. The chance to see new places, meet new people, and taste new flavours is what a great holiday should be about.