5 Ways To Add Great Value And Charm To Our Landscaping

We could add the value of our home by adding some charm to our landscaping. If you want to sell the house, the goal should be to get as much profit as possible. One guaranteed way to do that is by increasing our curb appeal. Here are some unbeatable and cheap ways to add value and charm to your house.

1. Use Real Stones as Edges for your Flower Beds

If there are nearby stones near our location, we could do this kind of improvement for free. As an example, there could be a construction site with plenty of unwanted stones. We could just ask nicely to the supervisor and put those stones into our car. As opposed to more straight edges, we could choose to make the stones form curved lines. This arrangement should make our flower beds look much more accentuated.

2. Add some Arch

We could add an arch over a bench or gate. Metal gates should be available in the local house decoration sops. We could spray paint the arch with any color, such as dark-oiled bronze-colored paint, if we want. We may need to cement the arch in approximately one foot deep with a level. This would guarantee that the arch will stand stronger and it will look perfectly solid.

5 Ways To Add Great Value and Charm To Our Landscaping

3. Make an Exterior seating Area

There should be a shaded area of our garden or lawn. It is a good place to put our benches and wooden eating table. Future owners of our house would be excited with the prospect of having a picnic in their own house. We could choose to obtain more classic look with these benches and tables. It is also important to make sure that they can withstand exposure to snow and rainfall. Overall, durable benches and tables could add plenty of functionality and charm to our garden.

4. Add a Bird Bath

It shouldn’t be too expensive to add bird bath in our garden. During the peak season, it should be available from the local garden supply center for around 4100. We could also make a concrete pedestal as a base for the bird bath and put a big planter sauce on the top. To make things look better, we could plant some perennials near the base. Bird baths could be encircled with hostas, iris and bulbs. We could attract nearby birds by putting some feed around the bath areas. Obviously, bird baths should be constructed only if we are sure that there are wild birds nearby.

5. Label our Plants and Flower Beds

This is a great trick that can make people interested with our garden and lawns. There are small copper plant labels available in garden supplies stores. We could handwrite names of the plants and spike these labels into flower beds. We don’t have to be an experienced botanist to know that name of our plants. We could just use the common local names or even its scientific name, if necessary. This small technique should add plenty of charm to our garden.