3 Tips To Start Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs On The Right Foot

Graphic design is the use of electronic media to draw attention to an ad or website. Graphic designers use images, animation, illustrations, color, fonts, and patterns to draw the eye and arouse attention. Entry level graphic design jobs include working for magazines, publishing companies, website designers, television ad companies, and many different types of companies.

What is the Required Schooling?

To be hired in a graphic design jobs in Karachi, a bachelor’s degree in this field is commonly required. Many colleges offer programs within fine arts. Those courses include numerous classes on design – everything from design principles to commercial graphics. A liberal arts education is also helpful if it includes classes in marketing and business. Any type of business course is a plus and if you can target specialized fields such as computer graphics that will also help you get ahead of the game later when trying to move up the ladder of success.

3 Tips To Start Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs On The Right Foot

Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

After completing these courses an earning a Bachelor’s degree in one or more of these fields, a student would then qualify to work as an assistant in this specific department or for a position that only requires technical skills. After working as one of these things, a serious pursuer of these positions could then complete a 2-year or 3-year program to learn more technical requirements. As somebody who is freelancing you can choose to work on your own and pick and choose your clients. Most people start out working for others and move into freelancing as it takes time to build a portfolio of work to show.

Average Pay 

In May of 2008 the median annual wages for this course of education was 42,400 PKR. Average wage can range from the lower 30,000 PKR to the upper 70,000 PKR depending on experience and job field. On the average, those in a graphic design career working in the computer field make more money whereas others working for newspapers or other printed materials make less.

Working Your Way Up 

Most who enter at an entry level or have been freelancing before, need around 3 years of working experience before advancing to higher positions. Some designers choose to leave the field to teach graphic design in colleges and universities. If a designer chooses to stay in this creative field, he could be promoted to chief designer, creative or art director, or a supervisory position. Opening your own firm helps you avoid looking for graphic design job openings or you could choose to specialize in only one area.